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A fun little game, good job!

Honestly, didn't expect to be flying a plane when I read "Dog Fight", haha, but I liked it.

One small issue I noticed while playing though is that some of the bombs that spawn could be a little too high up on the screen where the plane can't even reach. This doesn't necessarily ruin the game, simply creates one target that can't be hit. Perhaps add a limit to how high/low the enemies can spawn?

In any case, good job and I hope you enjoyed making this game and continue to make more and improve! 

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Thanks very much!

I'll definitely try to fix that, should be easy enough. :/

I actually came up with a load of really dumb names like Sky Wars but finally settled on Dog Fight because that's terminology for an aerial battle between fighter aircraft.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to ask is: how far did you get into the game? I'm a little worried that it's impossible to complete XD

Thanks again! :)