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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

False positive virus

A topic by axios2016 created May 27, 2017 Views: 570 Replies: 7
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definitely aware that the game is not a virus, every time that I start it, my av quarantine and delete several files created in user temp folder.

It's like something in these files looks similar to a generic virus.

Can Dev make something about it?

(I cannot whitelist the files because are created again at every start.)



Hmmm, that's strange.  To my knowledge, the game should only be touching or creating files inside of the actual game directory (the one that the executable is in). 

At launch, the game tries to make sure you have a file "settings.json" in the main game folder, and if there isn't one, it creates it. 

Could be tricky to do, but could you send me screenshots of your antivirus report? or copies of those files that it's flagging somehow and email them over to me (   And could you send me the full path of the file that the AV is flagging?

Thanks for the reply, I'll send you a detailed mail adding all info required.

Sorry for the short OP, I was "rushing" 0.35.1 at 01:00 am for trying new minimap just before going to bed.


Thanks for sending the information over.  Unfortunately I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about it at this point, but I'll keep looking.

The file gdx.dll is used by the game's framework (libGDX), there's definitely a handful of reports from people from that same file getting flagged incorrectly by Norton over the past few years :/

Thanks for the reply. 

I already submitted the files to Symantec.

Just for info: these files on temp folder are created on each start of the game?

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Mine is doing it as well....Avira is picking it up as containing the pattern of "HEUR/APC (Cloud)" was blocked.

I couldnt get the first Win 10 file to work (I assume it was 64 bit, but didnt say) so I DLed the 32bit version and now AVIRA says its a virus....guess, I should have paid $3.00 first to make sure it worked before I donated $10?


you could try to whitelist the game folder if the antivirus  support that feature..

Once you do that, make sure you have a correct Windows architecture and have the neccessary DLLs files to run the game.

And last thing: Change Itch IO game installation location to your hard drive root instead. Like C:\ItchGames or D:\ItchGames

Unzipped the 64bit version to root drive C:\ and it works perfectly! Thanks again for the help bluesaka111!