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where the ingame map? Its very confusing to find targeted location.

you could try to whitelist the game folder if the antivirus  support that feature..

Once you do that, make sure you have a correct Windows architecture and have the neccessary DLLs files to run the game.

And last thing: Change Itch IO game installation location to your hard drive root instead. Like C:\ItchGames or D:\ItchGames

but remember, you must switch on Dark Light mode by pressing Q until you saw the light from your lamp emits dark green light, then shine the light to the circle in middle of the stone ring to active it.

mini game? you must offer a fish to the singing stone to unlock Dark Light which allow you to active the portal to the minigame area.

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I think the game crash because it missing libraries that are neccessary for the game executable file to run and in your case is .NET Framework 4.5.

It happen with all applications that is build using C# or .NET technology including SharpDX which Kynseed is using.

can you provide a dx log ( Start > Run > DXDiag > Save All Information )? 

It also very helpful if you can create a dump file for analyze using Task Manager > Kynseed > Right click > Create dump file

It will help devs solve problem faster and provide solution(s) if possible.

welp, spoiler came sooner than I expected. One more reason to put this game on my radar now :/

Ah, I dont really sure Kynseed is 4 direction or 8 direction game so it my bad to report missing animation that may not neccessary but the game movement was so smooth and fluid that the first time I look at it I was mistaking the game was a high quality 3D game until I look into the game files :p

Another suggestion is that I hope you guys can move the radial menu from bottom right to middle so it easier to see and choose a different control scheme for it since having to hold the number key and use A/D to select items may make some user feel less comfortable. You can check out the weapon radial menu of Grand Thief Auto 5.

Automate action not needed in my option since most people want to feel like they are the farmer in game but if you allow say hiring town folks to do some action for you or offer offering to the magic stone to help you to do some work.

Another thing is that you should limit yourself from using message box that could break the game flow like poorly made farming simulation game on Android app store (one of them is Pocket Farm from Kairosoft game) but instead use something similar to Windows 10 Action center.

I will keep a closer eye on this game. So much potential and it may over shadow Fallout one day. Good luck! I hope that I will be able to purchase your game on Itch IO and on Steam soon!!

Kynseed community · Created a new topic Some feedback

I wont waste your time so let start:

  • Animation is fluid and smooth (I dont like the art style though), but there are some missing animation like ( Formation: Character Name : Action : Condition )
    • [MainCharacter : Move : UP LEFT]
    • [MainCharacter : Move : UP RIGHT]
    • [MainCharacter : Move : DOWN LEFT]
    • [MainCharacter : Move : DOWN RIGHT]
    • [MainCharacter : Slingshot : ATTACK MOVE FORWARD ]
    • [MainCharacter : Slingshot : ATTACK MOVE BACKWARD ]
  • Menu are clunky and control scheme need some rework
  • Display shortcut key on the UI will help make the game more accessible.
  • In some panel, when press ESC key, the main menu pop up instead of closing the panel.
That all.

The only complain I have is: You guys have built a beautiful and vibran world but why not allow new players to stay up late to see the world in transition?

So overall, a beautiful world but clunky control scheme and some missing animation are the biggest draw back of this version (.May 07 10:42 ICT )

I suggest you try Rune Factory 3 if you have Nintendo Double Screen or Nintendo 3DS. It have interesting debuff system, leveling skill, beautiful world just as Kynseed, extended crafting system, monster taming and quickly change weapons (hoe / sickle / watercan / weapons) which allow changing combat style on the fly and allow player to quickly do things (very important if your ingame day time are short) so they can spend more time on other aspect of the game.

Game looks good, but I hope you dont over use messagebox like Kairosoft games


> Enhance successuful -> Press OK to continue

> Training complete -> Press OK to continue

I hate kind of over use that provide no enjoyment to the game at all.

Yes, but can you check the ingame graphic settings?

  • The Distant blur keeps reset itself to Very High level everytime I run the game.
  • The Resolution quality keeps:
    • Reset itself to Very High level everytime I run the game
    • Reset itself to normal after I switch it back to Very low level
Thanks. Btw, If you looking for a good forum software that provide decent function and anti spam features, I suggest you check those:
  1. Mybb
  2. Simple Machine Forum
  3. Discourse - If you want a simple forum with tagged forum for quickly view posts betweens categories but I am not tested this one in term of spam protection yet.

use "Drone auto repair" policy and you dont have to deal with it.

Just keep in mind that the repair cost is somewhat expensive 50% of structure cost (sometimes you have to repair them when they just lost 10% durability).

Itch IO app also need NET Framework which must be install on System drive and no excuse.

But you can change where Itch download and install game in preference > Install location

[Photo] default install location

Once you choose a new install location, click on your new location on the list again to mark it as default install location

[Photo] new install location [Drive D:\ has been selected as default install location]

If you want to change the install location of Itch itself, contact Itch app developers using [Feedback] on the top left of this page and ask.

Hope you have a good day.

Yes! More improvement and no longer have commute penaties for automated structure :D

Are you consider to add a setting to remove colonist to improve game performance?

Good patch :) colonist maximum tiles limit not required it do help :)
Thank for your hard work :D