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Game Dev The Game: Inception

Develop a game and fail to control your projects and employees progress. You have 48 Hours, your job is on the line. · By Claudio Davi

Feedback Sticky

A topic by Claudio Davi created Jul 12, 2020 Views: 137 Replies: 8
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Hey, I would love to receive some feedback here. This is our very first project from start to finish and my first ever release.

Very nice art style, nice job :]


Thank you

Bug: I got trapped next to my desk.

So this isn't really a game from what I can tell? You literally can't do anything, and I don't have the patience to see what happens at the end.

You should make it clear this is a non game, i spent some time thinking it was broken or i was missing something.


I'm very sorry that you did not 'get it'. Yeah, I'm aware that sometimes this bug can happen. I'm sorry that happened to you.

Nice art style! The concept of splitting your time between working and managing your team is a cool idea, it would be nice to see it expanded; for example having a little mini-game you had to complete while working and/or making your work essential so that the project can't get finished until you complete your work.

Other than the visual glitches and bugs, the biggest problem for me was lack of player feedback. It was very hard to tell when I was successfully doing something, or even when something was going wrong. It might be why BorisTheBrave was having trouble figuring it out.

Congrats on finishing a game though guys, good luck on your next one!

(And thank you for being responsible, stay safe!)

Really god art! I agree with Chinwizard that it would be better if it showed how what you are doing is affecting the other workers and a mini game for working would be a good idea as well; Good job overall.

I really liked the concept, the art, and the overall vibe, but I feel there was a few more issues that needed to ironed out before release. 

Baum de mais, parabéns aos irmãos