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Auto-release Eraser tool

A topic by Infokub Arcade created Jul 10, 2020 Views: 112 Replies: 2
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Hey ! I just tried MAST, what a wonderful tool ! 

I wanted to edit the demo scene, full of objects already. So i had to erase some, before adding mine. And every time i was clicking on the object i wanted, it didn't show up bc i was still with the Eraser.

So i suggest that when you click on an object it automatically releases the Eraser and come back to the last tool used for placement.

Do you mean when clicking another object in the palette?  If so, I agree.  That's not behaving as I intended.  I'll fix it in the next release

Yep if i use the Eraser then i click an object, it doesn't change to Placement tool.