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My game is still not indexed

A topic by El-jo66 created Jun 21, 2020 Views: 105 Replies: 4
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I didn't want to be too impatient but I see games published today or yesterday appear on the site while mine which is called BAD LIEUTENANT is still not indexed and was published 5 days ago. It is nsfw so I can't go everywhere to make some publicity by myself like with any other game. This type of game really needs to be indexed because they are already kind of hidden (and I agree with that). What should I do ? I already mailed the support team but no response.


Did you also check the Search & Browse FAQ? Support is backed up right now, and response times are long.

Yes, I checked the Seah & Browse FAQ and everything is ok on my side...

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I would like to know... when it is finally indexed, will it appear at the top of the page with the newly published games or will it appear at the the bottom whith the games that were published a week ago ?

If your game is paid, an admin will check it manually, it takes time.

I experienced the same delay when I published my game.

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