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Other: Gamepad stick deadzone

A topic by Dinir Nertan created Jun 20, 2020 Views: 117 Replies: 1
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My controller’s analog sticks loosely returns to their neutral position after fluctuating, leaving some inputs at last few frames toward unintended direction.

The game seemingly tracks analog sticks to every movement, which makes aiming uncomfortable: you move toward a target then let go of the stick, and the character is now facing an unrelated direction because that’s the last position the stick was at before coming to stop. If she was shooting a target, now she’s shooting at that direction.

I think ignoring small area around a stick’s centre position would prevent this. Can I request a deadzone option?

My controller is Dualshock4, 2017’s older one. But I believe this might not be relevant, as I never saw a gamepad with its analog sticks getting back to a perfect neutral position.

Btw thanks for making it possible to recognize dinput controllers, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see a game that can do this.


I have noticed the joystick jerking back to an incorrect position after moving it as you described a few times while playing but I often use the aimlock so it wasn't as common. We can try to get that fixed by patch 3.0. 

We're releasing a new patch next week that will completely replace the input system to fix issues some players have been having with their input not registering. Hopefully that doesn't break your dinput!