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Dinir Nertan

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I am glad I am still alive and can wait for this game. I mean I can’t wait, but I was waiting for all these years.

The game looks more interesting every update, hope the day I buy and touch it comes soon!

Found this game too late to be a backer, it’s been only few centuries I am waiting for the release since then. Thanks for the update, it means a lot even without lovely gifs.

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It’s been 3 years I brought this to all of my computers with me.
It’s one of very rare things that always last and is always there. I am happy.


Revisited this page again after seeing the Robot Dance Party video appearing on the youtube recommendation, only to find a new post only 5 days old!!!

LOL I changed one of the post on Steam into a single :( emoji in frustration of not being notified at all, and THAT got notified and I am now banned from the Steam community. Thanks for sending me a message that this feature will NEVER be likely made at all and that you disqualify my opinion that much.

Sorry for having a nausea option and still bought the game because I liked it. Maybe liking your game was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life.

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I want an option to toggle the camera rotation, on phases between stages for example, like loadout, aerolab, and aeropedia. I know it’s not there on loadout screen, but it is on other screens and I don’t know if there can be more outside of these scenes and the phases.

I get motion sickness from it. Few years ago I could endure it but now it’s too much for me to go through.

Asking on Steam forum doesn’t look like a great idea after a couple months so I am leaving a post here.

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My controller’s analog sticks loosely returns to their neutral position after fluctuating, leaving some inputs at last few frames toward unintended direction.

The game seemingly tracks analog sticks to every movement, which makes aiming uncomfortable: you move toward a target then let go of the stick, and the character is now facing an unrelated direction because that’s the last position the stick was at before coming to stop. If she was shooting a target, now she’s shooting at that direction.

I think ignoring small area around a stick’s centre position would prevent this. Can I request a deadzone option?

My controller is Dualshock4, 2017’s older one. But I believe this might not be relevant, as I never saw a gamepad with its analog sticks getting back to a perfect neutral position.

Btw thanks for making it possible to recognize dinput controllers, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see a game that can do this.

I always wanted to try making music with sounds similar to those of the consoles, but there is only one serious obstacle blocking me the whole time: they were and are always available as a form of trackers, and I suffer motion sickness for looking at the tracker scrolls.

This tracker I never heard of before has a piano roll mode and it sounds like a lifesaver (thank you). One thing I wish to be changed is that not losing the ability to skim through all channels at the same time when switching to the piano roll mode.

I don’t know if it’s even feasible to make a piano roll mode that can work on multiple channels in a single view, but I hope I can look at other channels at the same time.

Thanks for making me laugh so good.

I don’t like RPG/ARPG but I ended up playing for a long time in every session.

I really appreciate that there’s a way to keep move while attacking which greatly reduced the fatigue of doing repetitive things.

I loved the last dungeon too.

​Softlocks in a big dungeon kind area is the worst to happen in a puzzle game.

There’s a boss battle where you have to do one thing three times in a row without a single mistake, and then I couldn’t see where to go, exited the dungeon only to find out all the progress in the area was wiped out.

Started playing it because it looked fun on a stream, but I don’t want to continue playing this game anymore.

​This is frustrating, in a way a puzzle game shouldn’t be.

The scroll speed and general bullet patterns are too fast.

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How can a human make a puzzle game with such a perfectly endurable difficulty curve?

Also the last puzzle was really really satisfying after going through all the other puzzles. I am happy that the developers scratched away some itching points I got playing the game.

An accessible game that’s still challenging.

oh god

How can that simple box-pushing job escalates to something serious this quickly?! Oh I love this game!