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Rocket Theater Rehearsal

2D Side-scrolling Rocket Jumping Explosive Stunt Shooter with Unique Characters and Tricks! · By Aloe Vertex, chromewing

Please, more intuitive controls

A topic by tigress created May 17, 2017 Views: 357 Replies: 3
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I am really intrigued by your game and am excited to try it but I can't even get past the frickin tutorial.

I had to change all the default keys bc they were crap. Even then i couldn't do the "Rocket jump".

The "tutorial" should teach you how to fire so you can actually get up the frickin rock. Yours just says "Do it."

The "jetpack" or whatever wasn't even explained either.

What's the use of making a great game if users can't get past the first level to enjoy the content?


Hello, thanks for trying out our game.

It just so happens that we were working on an update that addresses some of your problems. (other players had similar feedback)

Its currently up, the tutorial has been rebuilt from scratch and does a better job at teaching now, we also removed rail grinding for now because it was buggy and needs more work.

Feel free to check it out.

- Rocket Theater Team

Thank you for updating the tutorial. The game is actually easy to pick up, and is really fun. The speed of the game definitely makes it enjoyable, and I like the ranking of missions and real-time leaderboard. Good work!


I appreciate it!  Huttyblue and I are working on updates each Thursday, and today we actually added gamepad support and revamped techno tundra.  

Change the controls profile dropdown in the keybindings menu to "Gamepad" and remap the keybindings to your controller to test it out!  (devlog and more info will be posted by hutty tomorrow)

We are planning to hit kickstarter and maybe greenlight sometime in June!  We post from these twitter accounts to #indiedev and #screenshotsaturday if you wanted to keep in touch:




Also stick around for a new character coming in a week or so... :)