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I absolutely loved this game! The artwork is gorgeous, and the game was really fun! You've got yourself a fan!

Thank you for updating the tutorial. The game is actually easy to pick up, and is really fun. The speed of the game definitely makes it enjoyable, and I like the ranking of missions and real-time leaderboard. Good work!

I am really intrigued by your game and am excited to try it but I can't even get past the frickin tutorial.

I had to change all the default keys bc they were crap. Even then i couldn't do the "Rocket jump".

The "tutorial" should teach you how to fire so you can actually get up the frickin rock. Yours just says "Do it."

The "jetpack" or whatever wasn't even explained either.

What's the use of making a great game if users can't get past the first level to enjoy the content?

Thank you for the concise and clear explanation! That sounds like what happened to my computer. I guess all that's left for me to do is enjoy the full game!

I downloaded the app directly from itch.io.

I use Windows 10 and Norton Antivirus. When I tried to open the .exe file after extracting the files in the zip file, it loaded for a long time on my computer. It never opened and it caused my screen to go black and only the cursor and dock was seen. I tried to log out and it would not, I had to manually shut off the computer. When I turned it on again it was extremely slow, Norton Power Eraser did not run correctly and would not close after giving an error. My antivirus was, for the most part, disabled. The virus scans seemed to get stuck on a temp file somewhere.

After giving it a few days, it seems my computer is working as normal. Not sure what happened but my guess is that there was a virus somewhere.

I have the rKill script on my computer somewhere if that would be useful.

The demo worked great (and was amazing) but the full version gave me a virus when I tried to load the .exe file!!! Totally screwed up my computer.

Your file had a virus in it and was removed from my computer.