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I had high expectations and honestly they were exceeded! First off, superb execution of the visual/stylistic elements: the game looked and felt cohesive (not to mention gorgeous, both with the art and the music), the characters were interesting and varied, and the writing was descriptive and had such a nice voice/flow.

I thought certain elements of the UI worked very well too. I loved that you only had to waive over the mirror to see the enemies for the night. And I loved the events at the end of the night, they really kept me engaged. I did not initially like that you had to manually feed each character but I actually grew to appreciate that as it encouraged careful management of the characters.

Gameplay was extremely fun and enjoyable. Just like Moonlight Fortress, I loved how the player is made to learn the game as they play, and has to rely on their own judgement for the choices they make. Not knowing if taking a villager in is indeed a good choice or wondering what the use of an item will be before you buy it increases the stakes and gets the player more invested in what happens next. I especially liked the inclusion of the quests as it offered some variety and some gameplay with specific goals in mind that weren’t just to survive.

My only critique is that I think the game needs to increase in difficulty over its course more than it currently does. It remains at the same level during the middle and at the end; the characters seem far too overpowered than the enemies they face. During my entire playthrough, I only had one character die (the priest) and this was during the beginning of the game where I felt the difficulty was more appropriate. I think the difficulty started to level out around the time the Legendary Warrior character appeared, and the game was definitely too easy when the Monkey King appeared. (The Monkey King, I think, was far too OP, especially given his ability to save another character from dying. This pretty much made it impossible for any character to get killed after he joined my party. You are also kind of forced to accept him given that accepting him is part of one of the quests - ‘offer of service’). I also think that too many characters are requesting to join towards the end of the game in the span of a couple of days, but this may just be for the demo. I liked instead when you could only accept one of two characters- this only happened during the ‘earth or sky’ question. I think this could be utilized more especially as it creates unique playthroughs and encourages players to play the game again to choose a different result.

Overall I loved the game and I will also definitely be replaying this demo! Please let me know if you want me to specify anything that I’ve said earlier as I’d love for this review to be useful to you.

OMG u made my day!! That's amazing news :) So proud of u guys, this game looks phenomenal!

Thanks for letting me know, I will delete it now!

Hi! I finished the second ending yesterday. I actually really like that structure of one ending, credits, and another ending as the first arc of the story was very self-contained and was resolved well, and the second ending felt like bonus content in a good way. Kind of like the first part of the game was a series of a television show that had an arc and was resolved, and the second part of the game was a bonus movie of some sort that wrapped up the remaining loose ends.

I assume that the full version would have a good ending and a bad ending here? But I don't mind if it would just have a good ending. Maybe more than one good ending, or just different endings independently of them being good or bad? Additionally, it didn't bother me at all that this game didn't have choices as the story was interesting and well-structured enough that I didn't feel it needed it.

I would have liked to learn a little more about Aatri in this second part of the game- maybe just a little bit of info. He's either not a robot or he's Aarel's legacy brother, and it's okay if its left unconfirmed or hinted at, but I think a bit more dialogue about it would have been nice. He's the one character who was sort of forgotten at the end. I liked the reunion of all of the other characters to fight Beta though, it felt satisfying as a penultimate scene.

I tried messaging you on twitter but that was unavailable, as I really would like to learn some of the other info! I will post my email address in a reply to this message and delete it after you have seen it, so just reply here or to my email so I know when I can delete it. I don't want it out in public on forever lol. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my playthrough! I know how important feedback is to the creative process and I would love to be of use!

Thank you for continuing with this project! I LOVE the changes and the game itself and it was such an enjoyable playthrough!! I played all the way through the first ending and am going to finish the entire story tomorrow.

I love the character cast a lot. They're all fun and different in their own ways. I can't decide who I like best but it's either Ampa or Nameless (I love the rocky and harsh dynamic with Nameless and Ampa and Nameless's reluctant protection and admiration for Aarel). I love all of the main characters except perhaps Bb but I'm not sure if we're supposed to like her or not anyways.

My favorite part of the game is just how creative the setup and concept is. I think its so unique and interesting to have the setup be based on the real rivalries and differences between the Big Tech companies. Some references are very clear (like Ample) and some I'm still not 100% on what firm its supposed to be referencing but I like that most references aren't obvious. (I'd love to read a guide or booklet or whatever its called where you explain all of the references for those who have finished the game! I think that would be really interesting.)

The dialogue is fun and has some great self-referential moments or subtle references to the real world. The dialogue between characters is smooth and they each give off personality. Sometimes certain lines aren't worded perfectly or are run-ons but it's sparse and minor so it's not too bad of an issue.

Visually it's so great! I've always loved the CG art and character designs and all of them look sharp here. I think Sammi's design is the best, but they are all strong. I would maybe suggest getting rid of the line on Aarel's hair as it looks like it should not be there. The improved font is amazing and definitely improves the aesthetics, and of course I LOVE the pixely character portraits, definitely makes me think of 90s or 00s VNs in such a good way. :)

I think some possible improvements down the line could be:

- Modifying the backgrounds to make them look fairly consistent with one another. Maybe change the color scheme so that they are all a consistent color scheme or add a pixelated or other filter or effect.

- I think the scene where Padi is released and they fight Notate was a little long, and some parts of the scene were a little unclear of what was going on. I think this is due to the fact that it's a lot of characters interacting at once, and a lot of events happen one after another. It ended up a mildly confusing to follow.

- I think the last scene before the credits was really confusing because it implied that it was all a dream? That's the impression I got. But we later find out that it really did happen (thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I think that it's supposed to be a either a final memory of the character's, or a scene meant to show the player an interesting event that happened before the story. I think it should be a little clearer that it was a memory.

- I'm not sure how you could do this, but I think the relationship between all of the companies could be made clearer. If you can, you might want to make the characters from each company be more representative of the company who made them, not in personality per se but in the information they have. I also had a hard time keeping track of which characters came from each company- (Nameless from Ample but made by Salaxy, Bb from PinCherry, Aatri from PinCherry and Salaxy, right? (or is it BetaWager?) and Sammi is from Salaxy but uses some BetaWager too, right?, and Aarel from PinCherry and Londonne).

Overall, so much fun! I can make some more comments here after finishing the second ending. Thank you for your continued work and I look forward to your next steps!!

OMG I played this four years ago?? It feels like just yesterday! Have I gotten old? :/

I'm super happy that you decided to continue this and it was a really cute short game! The background effects were so good, I thought the opening sky camera pan and the shaking of the train made it look so professional! I also think the overall style of the game, the music choices especially, really made it clear that it was the slice-of-life genre. Everything was cohesive and fit together really well. I also love the new sprites!

I think the anecdotes could have been resolved a bit more, so I'm wondering if those will be expanded in the next build. I think it should have been harder to find the Delinquent as well as it kind of seems like its the main characters "goal" in the route and he achieves it really easily.

Thank you for continuing to work on this game and on your other works :)

I'm playing it on MacOS. The error was the same error I posted before. It didn't appear in the VN only mode so hopefully its something you've fixed before and its a quick fix.

Thanks for responding and I wish you guys the best of luck! This game is great and I'll definitely be following this project, so I'm excited for further releases!

Hi! Finished the demo! It was great, and I'd love to give you guys some feedback to help perfect it! Overall it was a super professional experience and I really enjoyed playing it.

For one thing, I was unable to play the battle mode- I still got that same Ren'Py error when I came home to my kitchen. This only happened in the Battle Mode, the VN Mode worked fine. It's such a shame too, because I really loved the improved battle aspect. I thought the character attacking art added a lot to the experience. I would have also liked to see what the other characters had in terms of skills and weapons.

The beginning dialogue was also much improved. Ophi knew all of the Aligner facts, or at least said he did. The scene avoided some of the pitfalls of the last one where the characters didn't know any of the information.

Art gorgeous as usual, CGs, BGs, GUI amazing. Scene transitions were really cool and a great addition! It would be helpful to show what day it is either using transitions or somewhere always on screen. The battle cut-ins in the VN mode were AWESOME and looked so good! Both modes were great, the VN mode held its own even without the battle mechanic, which was also great. In the future I'll probably play the full game with the battle mechanic but the VN mode only is still an amazing experience.

Some things to work on:

- I think overall the dialogue still needs some refinement.

I didn't get a good grasp on any of the characters, and couldn't discern any significant personality traits, other than Ophi being a little more uptight than Kotachi. Kotachi seems every bit the stereotypical shonen protagonist, which is fine, but I think highlighting his traits that are distinct would be better. I think he might have a gentler side which we only see with V that would benefit to bring out in his personality more. The other characters don't have any personality that I could discern. Even in Levi and Ayane's introductions, no personality traits are displayed. The characters have so much potential and I would focus on their personalities a lot more. I feel like the environment is supposed to be very friendly and they are all supposed to be really likeable, but this was hard to do bc the characters didn't have personalities.

I also think that the worldbuilding is still extremely confusing. There's a lot of exposition everywhere but somehow it just doesn't translate into a good grasp on what is happening. There's a huge amount of blanks before the story that aren't addressed that are necessary to understanding everything. How did the characters get their weapons? (I don't think waiting until day 13 to explain that Kotachi's guns are passed down in the family is a good idea. This should be explained in Day 1.) Who trained Kotachi and Ophi? How come Levi could see specters since forever but no one recruited him as an aligner? Literally any info about Ayame because nothing was explained about her. Just in general about Aligners, do their families know? Is it only within families?

Structure-wise too, things seem wonky. The characters first mission is to pass the exam. For one thing, what exam? Why do the characters need to take an exam if they are already out there fighting specters and doing fine? Who gives the exam out? What age to people take it normally? How come Kotachi's family didn't tell him about it ever? Questions aside, Kotachi is given his real mission, to find the other zodiac constellations, even before he has passed his first mission. Why tell the player about his real mission when they haven't even passed the first one? I also think Gem just choosing Kotachi out of nowhere was strange, and Kotachi was really casual about accepting.

- The additions of Levi and Ayane happen way too fast in the story. (However I could be wrong and their intro happens at day 7. I was unaware of what day it was because it was not displayed) I think that more time of just Kotachi and Ophi fighting together would benefit the story, as the player doesn't have as good of a grasp on Ophi before these other two characters are added. The characters additions should also be staggered, their addition to the team is unrelated from one another and shouldn't happen at the same time.

- Additionally, Ayane's intro and addition to the team didn't make any sense to me. She just comes along to the COIN headquarters. I don't think it was addressed in the narrative that she even is an aligner until we see her fight.

- I'm not sure what the point of being able to talk to Kotachi's mom or dad in the story is other than to prove that they are there. I think they need to be more relevant to the story. It's totally ok not to have their CGs since they're such minor characters but they didn't provide any information. Plus its explained that Kotachi's guns are a family heirloom, so at least one of them is an aligner. The vibe was given that Kotachi is keeping being an aligner a secret from them, but that doesn't make any sense. I think that they should talk to him about the events in the story as at least one of them is an aligner. It would be an easy spot to work in some more expostion.

- The two dialogue choices are often the same and it is clear that they don't branch all that much or impact the story. For example, during one of the last dialogue choices, it's too questions, and for the one I chose, Kotachi asks both questions anyways. So it doesn't even matter what I chose. The choices don't actually have to impact the story but they should at least give the player the impression that they change the dialogue that they see a bit, and that the dialogue isn't identical no matter what they choose. Also, I like the dialogue choices when you can only ask Vulpe one question, but it's kind of pointless when she doesn't even give an answer to the question you chose.

- You might want to remove the scarf from Vulpe's design, or from the other character who wears it. BC of that it's really obvious who Vulpe is, and I think Kotachi would definitely piece it together that very instant. I know I did.


I see so much potential in this game and I would love to see it reach its potential, which it so definitely can! You have already truly succeeded at the artistic/stylistic aspect and the battle aspect, I would love to see the core of the story become really impactful and poignant. Thanks for creating a great game and I'm excited to play more of it!!

I also ran into a renpy error when I got home and I was unable to continue.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 956, in script call
    call play_map("kotachihouse1.txt", dissolve) from _call_play_map
  File "game/rpg/rpg_labels.rpy", line 38, in <module>
  File "game/rpg/editor/editor.rpy", line 123, in load_tilemap
ImportError: No module named copy_reg

The game that I was able to play- I loved the aesthetics! The music was nice, the background was gorgeous, and the contellation theme is very unique. The beginning setup seemed very shonen, but the introduction to Vulpe was very magical girl. I think I would have liked a more shonen story. The setup is similar to Twin Star Exorcists, at least from what I could gather. I really liked the main character, he seemed likeable.

Constructive criticism- I think the writing at the beginning could be tweaked. A lot of things were explained on the fly and as a player I couldn't follow it as well as I wanted to. How do the main characters know some things about specters and Aligners, but not other vital information? I didn't understand why they were surprised by some of the info Vulpe was telling them, it seems like they should already know this stuff, right?

You really got me- the game drew me in with the impressive opening animation and then immediately made me laugh with the music change. This game was amazing overall and will definitely leave a mark on me in the best way possible.

I loved the character animation, and I thought all of the aesthetic choices were brilliant- the game was visually a better experience than most games that use a lot of art and character assets.

The writing was excellent as well, Spero and Cal each had very distinct voices. The plot events were intentionally vague to leave it to the reader to interpret, which is perfect for a shorter story like this.

I'm glad my review helped!

If you want to get in contact just let me know and I can private message you my email address. I'm not really sure how to do that as doesn't have the capacity for that, but if you have any ideas that would be great. I'm working on my own game at the moment but I think I would still have the time to help out on this, or during some time in the future if that's better.

I wanted to play this version with sprites but I have a mac so I could only play the other demo.

The older demo,( and the older version made with RPGMaker which I also couldn't play, but I watched the video for it), has such strong aesthetics, and I'm sad to see them go. I don't know if this was intentional, but the game has such strong 2000s aesthetics. With the pixelated font and low rez pixelated graphics, and the square profile pic for the characters talking, it all worked together and made me feel like I was playing a game that was created a long time ago, and I loved the experience. 

The sprites are a great addition and they look fantastic. But I think everything else- the GUI (text boxes, font), backgrounds, should be altered to emulate the first RPGMaker version.

If you ever need any help with this I would actually be very interested. I see a lot of potential in this game and I would love to help you get it to the finish line.

Yay more Kenji! This was cute and the costumes are adorable!

That's awesome news! Can't wait!

Hi! I've been checking up on this every so often after I played Moonlight Fortress 3 or 4 years ago. Is this being worked on? I really would love to play it someday.

Thanks for your reply as well! I'm glad this was helpful. Your insights into your creative process was really intriguing, and I'm glad you shared this.

It was really interesting to hear that you planned to avoid too much inner monologue- I'm glad that you steered clear of that as that is often a worse option. One possible way to show more reflection without going into thoughts or monologues is to expand on dialogue and add more emotional reactions. I also love the idea of the connected routes. I didn't get to experience this but it sounds like a really intriguing way to tie the whole story together.

Beginning works often set the course for success in later works so its great that you discovered new strategies that help you in your writing. I wish you the best of luck for future projects! If you ever need any assistance with editing or story development feel free to reach out to me. Good luck :)

Hello, thought I would leave some thoughts here.

Looking through the comments, I'm glad that you have so many satisfied fans. Maybe I'm not the target audience for this game. I hope that my constructive criticisms can maybe offer a different perspective. I played Kurato's route and I played until Day 22.

Let me start off with the best parts of the game. I adored the soundtrack, it was beautiful. I also enjoyed the melodic nature of the sound effects. The character art was gorgeous as expected.

Parts of the game I did not enjoy:

The most significant aspect of the game that I feel was not executed well was the world-building. Nothing was cohesive or explained. Every supernatural character under the sun exists in this universe and no one bats an eye, but it doesn't seem like this was the intention of the work. Everything is supposed to be secret, but A: almost every single side character is a supernatural creature or involved in the supernatural (usually a balance of human characters or supernatural skeptics helps keep this seem secretive and realistic). And B:  the MC isn't surprised at any of the supernatural creatures or events, when she should be. The first mention of the supernatural- the school ghost- the MC questions others if they believe in ghosts, but later when she sees it, she doesn't react at all. It would benefit the story for the MC to have shock and disbelief whenever she encounters any new phenomenon that normally would shock an average person. She just blindly accepts everything and then moves on a couple of lines later. There is no self-reflection at all. She just moves on.

The pacing also had significant issues. This story is supposed to be a horror story where the mystery of villagers disappearing is the main problem for the characters. But none of the characters seem freaked out or scared by this. Lioji in particular is extremely calm when he should be scared the most as he has insider knowledge. The MC often walks at night, breaking curfew, and isn't scared in the least. More emotional reactions would keep this feeling immersive and realistic. I couldn't care because the characters didn't care.

The pacing would improve if there was more push-and-pull to the events in the story instead of bad events happening quite often and then not getting resolved. There is never hints in the story, just straight events like villagers being kidnapped and killed. Nothing that could be creepy or is possibly ominous that the player could worry about or think about in the back of their mind. Things are told instead of shown, with low reaction from characters. I would suggest reading or watching more slower-paced horror to improve the feel of these sections. In particular, the first two manga volumes of Higurashi are insanely skillful at pacing, depicting scenes with hints of horror, slowly building the intensity until the reader realizes the true situation of the protagonist. Since the setup is similar, I couldn't help but feel that this work would be improved by adopting some of that strategy.

Finally, the dialogue just wasn't strong. The characters felt one-dimensional, due to the dialogue. For example, the scenes with the MC and her two friends don't feel like realistic scenes of friends talking together and having a good time. They just feel like characters either talking over each other or just simply advancing the plot. A lot of dialogue serves only to advance the plot. Additionally, the player gets tired of having mysteries about characters be hinted at by the characters themselves, then immediately unaddressed. In any normal situation the MC would press further for answers. Instead she just lets these topics go. I also thought that the romance felt very forced. It didn't feel organic. The characters would just suddenly get romantic when the cutscene art showed up on screen, then just forget it and get back to their normal personalities.
Plotwise as well some things didn't add up. A lot of characters were introduced only shortly before they became significant, so the player couldn't wonder about their purpose, it was pretty much instantly explained. For example, (SPOILER) Roya was introduced and then a couple days later, was killed. It is also confusing as he confessed to the murders, but the characters just chose not to believe him, and didn't show any evidence to the player. How is the player supposed to confirm that he wasn't the killer? Jace and Blace were also introduced suddenly mid-way through the game and were immediately involved in the main plot. (END SPOILER)

I really appreciate your work on this game and I'm glad that it makes so many people happy. I hope my criticisms can help you to improve this work. Feel free to message me  to respond or if you want more clarification on any of the issues I brought up.

Sorry but this game wasn't even funny :( I had high hopes but the gameplay was legit 5 minutes long

Thank you for making such excellent games! If you ever make a biology-focused game, I'd totally help out, I'm such a bio fan lol

Wanted to like this game but didn't... it felt like it was supposed to be a comedy, but there was nothing humorous about it.   :/  Characters felt flat and unlikeable, especially Grouchy, who was in the majority of the scenes.

I just want to shout-out the god-level GUI/art/aesthetics/character design in this game. Just unbelievably amazing.

I wish this was an AP Biology game as that's more my speed ahaha but I relearned some chemistry so that's a plus. The writing in this game was also excellent and it felt like realistic high school dialogue.

I only knocked off a star because I felt that between the main character's instant hate for both Sidney and Basil made it really difficult to enjoy scenes with them. I wish the main character wasn't so adamant in her dislike for the characters, as myself as the player was more open minded about their characters.

I love this game so much! It is a beautifully crafted game that made me smile the whole way. It is so sweet, and has become one of my personal favorites.

Gameplay-wise, it was really unique. It functions like a kinetic novel (no choices) for the beginning of the game, which I normally wouldn't like, but the game does an excellent job of using short scenes and a variety of fun characters to keep things interesting. Then, you get a choice of six objects, which correspond to a character's romance route, but which is which? It's fun to see which object matches which character, and your on your way on a character's route!

I got Ryu's route, which I was surprised as I didn't think he would be included as a romance-able character (I guess I didn't read this page before playing.) I was pleasantly surprised because I loved his route! It was the first VN I've played where you choose a character's route and they try to romance you instead of the other way around. (and he's adorable!!)

Lastly, there is a few mentions or hints of supernatural activities and/or backstories for the characters...  this was the icing on the cake as it added a layer of intrigue that just made the game even better! I hope these hints are expanded on in further versions of the game (or at least aren't explicitly denied!)

My review:

This game was excellent! Instead of being called a demo, I would have called it Magical Warrior Diamond Hearts season 1, because it really felt like you were watching (or playing through) a season of a magical girls anime. It was lengthy in a good way, and felt complete.  You got to play through a story arc from start to finish, which is rare in VN demos but is something I appreciate. The art felt authentic to the magical girl anime style, especially the transformation art.

Some personal opinions:

My favorite character by far was Valerie, she was such a good example of a successful main character. She had her own distinct personality, and was still likeable, but had her flaws too. I also loved Clover and Liam to death! The characters I liked in order then were Alex, Sophie, then Ethan.

I was pretty ambivalent towards Zacharie. I wanted to like him but he just didn't have enough of a personality to me. I also would have altered his character design, I would have preferred he looked more androgynous, to me he looked 100% female. Some height and broad shoulders would have been a good addition.

I actively disliked Diana and Amber (sorry!). They didn't mesh well with the group and didn't seem to need to be there. Having Amber take up a place on the magical girl team annoyed me because I would have rather that spot be taken up by a new classmate of Valerie's. Amber was also confusing in the game, because she simultaneously is addressed by both Amber and Amy, and her hair when transformed (when you see her first) is a natural blonde, but her hair untransformed is dark brown- it took me a while to realize that she was the same character.

The writing was excellent, the plot was well-crafted and was very accurate to the magical girls genre.

Overall one of the best demos on to date and I highly recommend this game.

I love the art style in this game :) This devlog was really interesting!

Yay! Super excited to see this project continue :) Cheering for you!

This game was entertaining and I loved the brevity and amount of choices.

Best aspects:

The small text after the option choices was such a great touch!

It really felt like you could choose who you wanted to go for, and impress them or strike out.

The tests were hard, which was great! The stakes weren't too low.

The stats raising, minigames, and work related side-quests were fun.

Aspects I didn't like:

A lot of the point and click actions at the beginning were redundant (like finding sugar for your coffee). It felt like you were being forced to do tasks that didn't translate to any gameplay.

The ending didn't seem to directly correlate to my choices or to my stats. For instance, it said that I wasn't sure that Kurt was the right guy for me, even though I got his test right, we spent the night together, and I never had a negative interaction with him.  It would be helpful for the player to know a little more as to what went into the ending state calcs.

Sometimes I didn't want to waste my energy doing a task but there was no way to exit out or decline the task.

(*Also: I got stuck on level 6- When I clicked the phone after it rang, nothing happened. I couldn't click on the computer. I was only able to do this after restarting the level.)

Apart from the hopefully constructive criticism, I enjoyed the game a lot and thank you for creating it!

hi! Might be too late but macs can't play just an .rar file. Somehow you didn't include the folder with the game's assets. I would love to play this game, somehow!

hi! Might be too late but macs can't play just an .rar file. Somehow you didn't include the folder with the game's assets. I would love to play this game, somehow!

hi! Might be too late but macs can't play just an .rar file. Somehow you didn't include the folder with the game's assets. I would love to play this game, somehow!

Hey all, just finished my first playthrough of the demo. I'm a big fan of the game  so far, and I think it has the potential to be even more amazing.

What Works:

  •  I love the setup, how the characters are advising their creator on his not-so-great first novel. It's so original, and it's executed perfectly as well. It also is perfect for the VN format. I like that you choose who to talk to by going to different rooms of the house, and how each character wants the novel to turn out differently. I also like that you included an 8-day time limit so the player knows just how much time they have left in the game.
  • The art is fantastic, both the character sprites and the background art. The characters look realistic and unique, and fit their descriptions. Kudos!
  • The GUI is really nice, I love the memo-pad and sticky note theme.
  • My favorite character so far is Dee Dee, second is Georgio/Scott. I just love how original Dee Dee is, she's this crazy thug woman in a pinstripe suit with brass knuckles, what's not to love? I also love Scott's crotchety-ness, its a fun contrast to the modern-ness of Ramfis, Elizabeth and Barry.


  • Too much references! References are fun once in a while, especially when they add to a character (like Scott liking AC/DC). However, the sheer amount of references weighed the dialogue down and felt excessive. An example of this is the dialogue between Elizabeth and Ramfis on the first day of the rewrites. They only communicated in references for about 30 lines of dialogue and to be honest I ended up skipping through most of it because it just seemed unnecessary.
  • I feel like Elizabeth wasn't developed (or maybe just wasn't as fun) as the other characters were. She's young and she likes movies, is that all to her? I feel like there should be a hook like there is with the other characters. What's interesting or unique about her? Also, I'd change her age to a little older. She looks 18 at the youngest.
  • Too many modern terms! Way too much. I still can't believe Ramfis says "YOLO it!" Dialogue like this will get dated really fast, and might seem embarrassing to future players.
  • I would elaborate on the character's visions for the novel. Scott's vision of a best-friend road trip and Barry's aid in Scott's quest for a woman were satisfying so far but I would love to hear just a little more about Dee Dee and Elizabeth's story goal. Add a little more YA-Fiction cheesiness to Elizabeth's dystopian future, how about an evil society, or a love triangle? There's so much potential to draw on the hilarious tropes of YA bestsellers. And Dee Dee's vision is missing a little bit of crime action, I would think with her tough persona she would mention a little bit more to her pulse-pounding action novel, maybe some other tough characters to contend with or who are after the cure, or Scott's fortune?

So far I think the demo is great, and I will be recommending it to a few people I know! There's not a lot that needs improvement, just a little dialogue changes, editing out references and modern slang would improve the game even more.

I wish you luck on your game and can't wait to play the full version!

I love the intro sequence- it was very cinematic. I also love the dialogue, you really know how to give your characters personality.

The demo was a little too short. However, it does grab your attention.

I'm also not a fan of the font being used in the speech bubbles. It looks very basic. It might look better if it was tinted.

I'm looking forward to a longer release!

Thank you for the most realistic President Simulator ever made! I felt like I was Obama sitting at the Oval Office ready for a day of... Obama isn't the president anymore? Well he is in 2k15 so there.

President Simulator 2k15?


SleepyAgents, your games need more love!

The atmosphere in this game is so coollllll and I love all the visual effects. Your games always make me feel confused but impressed at the same time. Good work :)

Yay, it worked!  Thanks so much! (I got ending 3/5 btw)

I already obtained the rabbit cameo for the Forest Lord- I was able to do that before I had the option of having Ritsu follow me around. I have 1 and a half silver pieces right now.

I love love love the game so far, the world building is SO interesting! I also love how the main character is male yet very feminine, that's so unique! (I actually thought he was a girl until reading the guidebook!)

However, I am stuck, so please help me!

I'm at the part where Ratsu will accompany you somewhere, I've already healed Riku and Hare (although they are still stuck together). I've tried all options on everyone, cursing everyone, healing everyone, healing when not cursed, and the flower spell. Nothing seems to be progressing the game. I also tried looking in the guidebook but it doesn't say anything about this part in the game.

What do I do?

I really like this but- I got the Lethe ending- what the hell? I don't get it at all. There was only ever 3 choices and they were all dialogue choices. How did I get a bad end?

Ahhhhhh this was so good! It's a shame it was so short. I frickin love the art style, it was amazing. The setup and dialogue were perfect,- it felt right out of a manga. I played as the male Cleric (I chose a name so didn't see his preset one) and his voice acting was spectacular. Awesome job!