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Sorry but this game wasn't even funny :( I had high hopes but the gameplay was legit 5 minutes long

Thank you for making such excellent games! If you ever make a biology-focused game, I'd totally help out, I'm such a bio fan lol

Wanted to like this game but didn't... it felt like it was supposed to be a comedy, but there was nothing humorous about it.   :/  Characters felt flat and unlikeable, especially Grouchy, who was in the majority of the scenes.

I just want to shout-out the god-level GUI/art/aesthetics/character design in this game. Just unbelievably amazing.

I wish this was an AP Biology game as that's more my speed ahaha but I relearned some chemistry so that's a plus. The writing in this game was also excellent and it felt like realistic high school dialogue.

I only knocked off a star because I felt that between the main character's instant hate for both Sidney and Basil made it really difficult to enjoy scenes with them. I wish the main character wasn't so adamant in her dislike for the characters, as myself as the player was more open minded about their characters.

I love this game so much! It is a beautifully crafted game that made me smile the whole way. It is so sweet, and has become one of my personal favorites.

Gameplay-wise, it was really unique. It functions like a kinetic novel (no choices) for the beginning of the game, which I normally wouldn't like, but the game does an excellent job of using short scenes and a variety of fun characters to keep things interesting. Then, you get a choice of six objects, which correspond to a character's romance route, but which is which? It's fun to see which object matches which character, and your on your way on a character's route!

I got Ryu's route, which I was surprised as I didn't think he would be included as a romance-able character (I guess I didn't read this page before playing.) I was pleasantly surprised because I loved his route! It was the first VN I've played where you choose a character's route and they try to romance you instead of the other way around. (and he's adorable!!)

Lastly, there is a few mentions or hints of supernatural activities and/or backstories for the characters...  this was the icing on the cake as it added a layer of intrigue that just made the game even better! I hope these hints are expanded on in further versions of the game (or at least aren't explicitly denied!)

My review:

This game was excellent! Instead of being called a demo, I would have called it Magical Warrior Diamond Hearts season 1, because it really felt like you were watching (or playing through) a season of a magical girls anime. It was lengthy in a good way, and felt complete.  You got to play through a story arc from start to finish, which is rare in VN demos but is something I appreciate. The art felt authentic to the magical girl anime style, especially the transformation art.

Some personal opinions:

My favorite character by far was Valerie, she was such a good example of a successful main character. She had her own distinct personality, and was still likeable, but had her flaws too. I also loved Clover and Liam to death! The characters I liked in order then were Alex, Sophie, then Ethan.

I was pretty ambivalent towards Zacharie. I wanted to like him but he just didn't have enough of a personality to me. I also would have altered his character design, I would have preferred he looked more androgynous, to me he looked 100% female. Some height and broad shoulders would have been a good addition.

I actively disliked Diana and Amber (sorry!). They didn't mesh well with the group and didn't seem to need to be there. Having Amber take up a place on the magical girl team annoyed me because I would have rather that spot be taken up by a new classmate of Valerie's. Amber was also confusing in the game, because she simultaneously is addressed by both Amber and Amy, and her hair when transformed (when you see her first) is a natural blonde, but her hair untransformed is dark brown- it took me a while to realize that she was the same character.

The writing was excellent, the plot was well-crafted and was very accurate to the magical girls genre.

Overall one of the best demos on to date and I highly recommend this game.

I love the art style in this game :) This devlog was really interesting!

Yay! Super excited to see this project continue :) Cheering for you!

This game was entertaining and I loved the brevity and amount of choices.

Best aspects:

The small text after the option choices was such a great touch!

It really felt like you could choose who you wanted to go for, and impress them or strike out.

The tests were hard, which was great! The stakes weren't too low.

The stats raising, minigames, and work related side-quests were fun.

Aspects I didn't like:

A lot of the point and click actions at the beginning were redundant (like finding sugar for your coffee). It felt like you were being forced to do tasks that didn't translate to any gameplay.

The ending didn't seem to directly correlate to my choices or to my stats. For instance, it said that I wasn't sure that Kurt was the right guy for me, even though I got his test right, we spent the night together, and I never had a negative interaction with him.  It would be helpful for the player to know a little more as to what went into the ending state calcs.

Sometimes I didn't want to waste my energy doing a task but there was no way to exit out or decline the task.

(*Also: I got stuck on level 6- When I clicked the phone after it rang, nothing happened. I couldn't click on the computer. I was only able to do this after restarting the level.)

Apart from the hopefully constructive criticism, I enjoyed the game a lot and thank you for creating it!

hi! Might be too late but macs can't play just an .rar file. Somehow you didn't include the folder with the game's assets. I would love to play this game, somehow!

hi! Might be too late but macs can't play just an .rar file. Somehow you didn't include the folder with the game's assets. I would love to play this game, somehow!

hi! Might be too late but macs can't play just an .rar file. Somehow you didn't include the folder with the game's assets. I would love to play this game, somehow!

Hey all, just finished my first playthrough of the demo. I'm a big fan of the game  so far, and I think it has the potential to be even more amazing.

What Works:

  •  I love the setup, how the characters are advising their creator on his not-so-great first novel. It's so original, and it's executed perfectly as well. It also is perfect for the VN format. I like that you choose who to talk to by going to different rooms of the house, and how each character wants the novel to turn out differently. I also like that you included an 8-day time limit so the player knows just how much time they have left in the game.
  • The art is fantastic, both the character sprites and the background art. The characters look realistic and unique, and fit their descriptions. Kudos!
  • The GUI is really nice, I love the memo-pad and sticky note theme.
  • My favorite character so far is Dee Dee, second is Georgio/Scott. I just love how original Dee Dee is, she's this crazy thug woman in a pinstripe suit with brass knuckles, what's not to love? I also love Scott's crotchety-ness, its a fun contrast to the modern-ness of Ramfis, Elizabeth and Barry.


  • Too much references! References are fun once in a while, especially when they add to a character (like Scott liking AC/DC). However, the sheer amount of references weighed the dialogue down and felt excessive. An example of this is the dialogue between Elizabeth and Ramfis on the first day of the rewrites. They only communicated in references for about 30 lines of dialogue and to be honest I ended up skipping through most of it because it just seemed unnecessary.
  • I feel like Elizabeth wasn't developed (or maybe just wasn't as fun) as the other characters were. She's young and she likes movies, is that all to her? I feel like there should be a hook like there is with the other characters. What's interesting or unique about her? Also, I'd change her age to a little older. She looks 18 at the youngest.
  • Too many modern terms! Way too much. I still can't believe Ramfis says "YOLO it!" Dialogue like this will get dated really fast, and might seem embarrassing to future players.
  • I would elaborate on the character's visions for the novel. Scott's vision of a best-friend road trip and Barry's aid in Scott's quest for a woman were satisfying so far but I would love to hear just a little more about Dee Dee and Elizabeth's story goal. Add a little more YA-Fiction cheesiness to Elizabeth's dystopian future, how about an evil society, or a love triangle? There's so much potential to draw on the hilarious tropes of YA bestsellers. And Dee Dee's vision is missing a little bit of crime action, I would think with her tough persona she would mention a little bit more to her pulse-pounding action novel, maybe some other tough characters to contend with or who are after the cure, or Scott's fortune?

So far I think the demo is great, and I will be recommending it to a few people I know! There's not a lot that needs improvement, just a little dialogue changes, editing out references and modern slang would improve the game even more.

I wish you luck on your game and can't wait to play the full version!

I love the intro sequence- it was very cinematic. I also love the dialogue, you really know how to give your characters personality.

The demo was a little too short. However, it does grab your attention.

I'm also not a fan of the font being used in the speech bubbles. It looks very basic. It might look better if it was tinted.

I'm looking forward to a longer release!

Thank you for the most realistic President Simulator ever made! I felt like I was Obama sitting at the Oval Office ready for a day of... Obama isn't the president anymore? Well he is in 2k15 so there.

President Simulator 2k15?


That's really good to hear! good luck :)

Argh! Continue this PLEASE!

SleepyAgents, your games need more love!

The atmosphere in this game is so coollllll and I love all the visual effects. Your games always make me feel confused but impressed at the same time. Good work :)

Yay, it worked!  Thanks so much! (I got ending 3/5 btw)

I already obtained the rabbit cameo for the Forest Lord- I was able to do that before I had the option of having Ritsu follow me around. I have 1 and a half silver pieces right now.

I love love love the game so far, the world building is SO interesting! I also love how the main character is male yet very feminine, that's so unique! (I actually thought he was a girl until reading the guidebook!)

However, I am stuck, so please help me!

I'm at the part where Ratsu will accompany you somewhere, I've already healed Riku and Hare (although they are still stuck together). I've tried all options on everyone, cursing everyone, healing everyone, healing when not cursed, and the flower spell. Nothing seems to be progressing the game. I also tried looking in the guidebook but it doesn't say anything about this part in the game.

What do I do?

I really like this but- I got the Lethe ending- what the hell? I don't get it at all. There was only ever 3 choices and they were all dialogue choices. How did I get a bad end?

Ahhhhhh this was so good! It's a shame it was so short. I frickin love the art style, it was amazing. The setup and dialogue were perfect,- it felt right out of a manga. I played as the male Cleric (I chose a name so didn't see his preset one) and his voice acting was spectacular. Awesome job!

It's not opening on my Mac, and its not the "security and privacy" thing either.

Yay! I remember wanting to play this game last year (I'm the jerk who said it didn't work on my computer, remember me? Hopefully not!) Now I'm really glad I got to play the new demo because it was ah-ma-zing!

I chose Mer because I liked his sweet, sad expression. But the other lads were all so cute, it was a hard choice!

I personally really love Princess Charming. I feel you did a great job with her character, she's likable and never boring! I love her playful dialogue with all the characters, and that she always has a good first impression of everyone she meets (except Ellis haha!)

Now I'm excited for the full version- can't wait to find out everyone's delicious backstory!

Cute cute cute! I love your art style, and I thought this game was thoroughly charming! I thought the characters were perfect too. I'll be playing more of your work!

OK OK OK dare I say it- this may be my favorite VN ever? Really? YES!

It was perfect!!!!!! I loved every single thing about it. The pacing was wonderful and the story was so beautiful and unique! I loved the references to London punk culture and the quirkiness of each and every character.

Congrats on gaining a fan! Bc your work is just amazing!

Yesss! I did it! It felt shorter but it was really cute. Kudos to you for including Sareth's route!


I really like it so far! I like the stat options, reminds me of ReAlistair+.

Hopefully you'll progress so I can play more! Can't wait!

This was the weirdest game. ever.

The first data file is corrupt. The second data file says theres 2 hours into it. The game isn't even explained at all, and the dialogue doesn't even make sense. You're digging on the roof? Why are you paying? Stuff is apparently happening to you, and sometimes you dig up "this". What is it?

After you win, the game just quits on you too, it disappears. Wild.

Throughout it was entertaining. Not really sure why this game was even made but glad it was.

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Hi- here to give some feedback!

The Good:

-I really loved the tone of the story, the beautiful sky, the bright, crisp colors. And the music was wonderful!

- I loved playing as a young professional man, I feel like men are way underrepresented in VNs, especially adult men.

-Almost all of the characters were drawn very well, the main character was excellent, so were all of the young characters we met.

- I also loved that it was slice of life. And I do agree that it would be better as a shorter story than a longer one. It would be nice if there would be a lot of short branches and many different possibilities in the one/two days instead of only a few long branches.

-I loved that there was a lot of choices and short concise dialogue.


-In the work route, there's a chunk of time where there is complete silence and no music is playing.

-The coworker isn't drawn very well and is not the same style as the other characters.

-When you visit the pastry shop, the dialogue between the male employee and the male main character is really really weird. It's like they are hitting on each other. It's not very pleasant.

Overall, I thought this was a great VN that has the potential to be even more interesting and engaging.  I wish you luck with your work on this and making it complete!

This was really good! I loved the unique art style and I thought the dialogue was extremely well written, possibly the most well written out of all of the ren'py games I have played so far.

I have only done Mithamoore's route so far but it was super cute. I would love to do Sareth's route, if I can find out how.

I absolutely loved this game! The artwork is gorgeous, and the game was really fun! You've got yourself a fan!

Hi! Fun but no way to stop sliding on walls. Also, Impossible to beat part of mysterious dungeon part 2 where it requires you to wall jump but there is no platform to stand on after jumping, just spikes. The level is where the arrows are perpendicular to each other and there is also a neon-pink fencing at the end of the level.

Thank you for updating the tutorial. The game is actually easy to pick up, and is really fun. The speed of the game definitely makes it enjoyable, and I like the ranking of missions and real-time leaderboard. Good work!

I am really intrigued by your game and am excited to try it but I can't even get past the frickin tutorial.

I had to change all the default keys bc they were crap. Even then i couldn't do the "Rocket jump".

The "tutorial" should teach you how to fire so you can actually get up the frickin rock. Yours just says "Do it."

The "jetpack" or whatever wasn't even explained either.

What's the use of making a great game if users can't get past the first level to enjoy the content?

Thank you for the concise and clear explanation! That sounds like what happened to my computer. I guess all that's left for me to do is enjoy the full game!

I downloaded the app directly from

I use Windows 10 and Norton Antivirus. When I tried to open the .exe file after extracting the files in the zip file, it loaded for a long time on my computer. It never opened and it caused my screen to go black and only the cursor and dock was seen. I tried to log out and it would not, I had to manually shut off the computer. When I turned it on again it was extremely slow, Norton Power Eraser did not run correctly and would not close after giving an error. My antivirus was, for the most part, disabled. The virus scans seemed to get stuck on a temp file somewhere.

After giving it a few days, it seems my computer is working as normal. Not sure what happened but my guess is that there was a virus somewhere.

I have the rKill script on my computer somewhere if that would be useful.