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I wanted to play this version with sprites but I have a mac so I could only play the other demo.

The older demo,( and the older version made with RPGMaker which I also couldn't play, but I watched the video for it), has such strong aesthetics, and I'm sad to see them go. I don't know if this was intentional, but the game has such strong 2000s aesthetics. With the pixelated font and low rez pixelated graphics, and the square profile pic for the characters talking, it all worked together and made me feel like I was playing a game that was created a long time ago, and I loved the experience. 

The sprites are a great addition and they look fantastic. But I think everything else- the GUI (text boxes, font), backgrounds, should be altered to emulate the first RPGMaker version.

If you ever need any help with this I would actually be very interested. I see a lot of potential in this game and I would love to help you get it to the finish line.

Thank you so kindly for such an uplifting and insightful review!

It's really  great to gain your perspective on these things I'd thought about early on or forgotten. Should I find the time, I'd like to work on re-adding what was lost based on your suggestions!

Thank you also for your offer!  Perhaps we should get in contact however I should first see if I can schedule in being able to develop this further along with other projects. :)

I'm glad my review helped!

If you want to get in contact just let me know and I can private message you my email address. I'm not really sure how to do that as doesn't have the capacity for that, but if you have any ideas that would be great. I'm working on my own game at the moment but I think I would still have the time to help out on this, or during some time in the future if that's better.