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I love love love the game so far, the world building is SO interesting! I also love how the main character is male yet very feminine, that's so unique! (I actually thought he was a girl until reading the guidebook!)

However, I am stuck, so please help me!

I'm at the part where Ratsu will accompany you somewhere, I've already healed Riku and Hare (although they are still stuck together). I've tried all options on everyone, cursing everyone, healing everyone, healing when not cursed, and the flower spell. Nothing seems to be progressing the game. I also tried looking in the guidebook but it doesn't say anything about this part in the game.

What do I do?

Hi! Thanks for playing!! It sounds like you need to get the rabbit cameo for the Forest Lord! If you've already healed Tanukawa as well then this sounds like the last step you need to do. You should be able to obtain it by trading with Tanukawa! Let me know if you need any more help!

I already obtained the rabbit cameo for the Forest Lord- I was able to do that before I had the option of having Ritsu follow me around. I have 1 and a half silver pieces right now.

Oooh... If Tanukawa still has talismans on his body you need to heal him some more then!

Yay, it worked!  Thanks so much! (I got ending 3/5 btw)