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Yokai Moon

[Archived] A turn-based tower defence game inspired by Japanese folklore. · By Abigail Flores, Ashley Rezvani

Is this still in development?

A topic by tigress created Sep 23, 2020 Views: 151 Replies: 5
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Hi! I've been checking up on this every so often after I played Moonlight Fortress 3 or 4 years ago. Is this being worked on? I really would love to play it someday.


We’re so touched you’ve been following the development - thank you so much! The project is still being worked on - we’re approaching being able to share something playable very soon. Stay tuned!

That's awesome news! Can't wait!


Hi there! Yokai Moon is now available to download from here :)

OMG u made my day!! That's amazing news :) So proud of u guys, this game looks phenomenal!


thank you so much for following the development for all this time, especially because we had so many delays in releasing it <3

We really hope you enjoy it!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!