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Not working in vr

A topic by Godislove4u created May 15, 2017 Views: 543 Replies: 11
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It crashes when I hit the oculus option.Praise Jesus!

Got it working with the openvr option instead of the oculus one.

You are going to hell because you forgot to praise jesus.

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Hello I also can't select Oculus mode, would you like my crash log?

edit: here are the 3 crash files in a rar thank you

Thank you!

Other things:

if I have it on latest Oculus runtime, it crashes.  If I have it on 0.8 runtime, it DOESN'T crash but it doesn't load to my DK2, and also the sound is muted.  (sound works fine when no vr mode selected.)  Just thought I would share this for what it's worth

Your Rift is CV1 right?

nah I'm on the good ol' DK2

not sure if this thread is still alive, but i crash when i select oculus VR mode also. will try the open VR fix

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1.4 still crashes when you select oculus.  Using a retail Oculus Rift, GTX 1080, 16gb RAM on an AMD 8 core system.   The emulator doesn't seem to keep default joystick settings.  OpenVR works - though for some reason I have to turn away from the monitor to see the "screen".    I LOVE THIS EMULATOR!!!  Not being sarcastic.  Keep it up!  Oh, I have no idea what email to send the crash logs to.

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Press F4 to reset the camera and headset. And FYI 3DNes V2 have just been released!

Confirmed selecting Oculus no longer crashes to desktop on v2.  Thank you!