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Its a huge hit for vr.I dont own the game myself but did download and play this free item.Jesus God's Son died for you,He is alive!

It needs movement of some sort such as teleport.Jesus died for you too,He is alive!


Excellent demo build.All the interactice elements needed in vr are included here.I would like to share that Jesus is my Lord and Savior,Jesus saved my Life and soul.

Alright it works great but can you add snapturn and more games ?

So only vive ?

I really like vr arcades.Thanks so much.I also want to say Jesus is God's Son and He saved my life and soul and is my Lord and Savior !

Do you need others players or can it run in single play ? Jesus is God's Son,who saved my life and soul.He is my Lord and Savior!

Got it but can you make for daydream or oculus on pc too.I want to say Jesus is my reason for still being alive.

I think I can try on my gearvr in cardboard app.I want to say keep making more cool apps.Also Jesus God's Son saved my life and soul.He is my Lord and Savior.

Not available on daydream os ?

Saw you on steam,its gonna be a hit.

Its like being in those old classic kung fu movies.It feels like your in the matrix.If superhot was big this will be bigger.When is the full coming out ?

Hints ?

Great score for the themed music.Did you write that yourself ?

Would you consider updating with hidden stuff like a old ghost town way out in the desert where you could explore the buildings ?

Where is the forum board ?

Theatrical cinematics are well crafted in your concept.The score in the background is intriguing.When you leave your cell and venture out hearing those loud sounds beyond the cell block really opens up the imagination.What is it you ask yourself ? Some hostile takeover or bandits or space pirates that have breached the prison.Possibly a alien that within the prison has escaped and the prison has been using prisoners as experiments.Could it be a prisoner turned monster ?

Possibly add a recenter veiw could be useful.

On oculus I go low as the floor and still can't touch the game floor.

Really amazing.Could be for ar or vr.I hope it hits the market.Its a bust.

So I got the card but cant reach it to use again and I cant bend down to unscrew the basement vent.Is there a way to bend down ? I cant go any lower in vr.

None,no bugs and no problems.

Beautiful game and great concept.It should be exploding in popularity.Another hidden gem.

This is truly a breakthrough for vr.It needs to be up and available on the steam,oculus and playstation store.

Goblins! VR community · Created a new topic Great job

Add snapturn and locomotion or at least teleport.Game is really innovative.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior.I want to offer you too the life in Jesus that changed my existence.I was a hopeless and suicidal lonely and hollow alcoholic.Delivered and freed from that prison.

Nice game...I really like vr arcades.

I start the game and grip to grab the gun or ammo and it just falls to the ground.

As spoken by Jesus,those faithful with little will be faithful with much.To who much is given,much is expected.

Nice game

It looks good and the movement and turning is great.I cant grab anything.As I grab it just falls to the ground.Is it only for vive ?

I really like the opening to the game and the narration.It really has a feel similar to alien iso in deep space.

Thanks for the info and cool game.A remarkable story in deep space.So it's under the pc at the guard post ? I opened all the drawers and cabinet doors and saw nothing.Btw,Jesus Christ God's Son saved my life and soul.He is my Lord and Savior!


Really cool and a hidden treasure in vr.

One I will repeatedly play and showcase.

This is a hidden gem for vr.It was such a cool and amzing experience in vr.Motion controls and comfort all smooth.Hope you get it onj steam and oculus.

Is it copyright legal ? Is this release unauthorized.I think its very cool but dont want to play if its not legit.

Looks really nice but where is the keycard ?