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Please make a steamvr version.

Both of your games work fine in vr on Pimax with steamvr.

Works smooth and looks terrific.A real 80s retro platformer done right for vr.Jesus loves you !

Looks like a terrific innovative story and game.

Do I need to manually put into the revive files ?

Llook forward to trying on my Pimax 5k plus.Jesus loves you !

So it starts in vr all by itself but the controls won’t work.

What controls or keys to work the menu ? Did you play in vr ?

I see it works in vr but I cant get the controls or any key to work the menu.Jesus loves you !

What is in this update ?

Looks really good buddy.

Great and so far so good.

The new plane model and cockpit resembles that firefox movie.Its .filmed mainly toward the end of the movie in the cockpit.

It was a amazing demo.The model and cockpit is animated with working gauges.It feels good buddy.

What's the theme of the game ? Firefox the movie ?

Dude sweet

Will not start

Thanks and look forward to trying the new update.

Great job and appreciated.

Great new update and two in one day.Cannons.

Did it recently update again ? Said updated nine hrs ago.

Thanks bro and by the way you have made games already I know it can be done and you could do it.Let me know what funding you need.I write original music and have that too to offer.

You start on  moving passenger train.Hearing sirens in the distance then over the train intercom.Weird outbreak on the rise.Before you realize it the train is infested and you have to jump off.Alone in the midwest now in some strange abandoned city.You see in the distance a bomber drop  nuke and destroy a entire city.In all that its just basically the game opening.You find a motorcycle and travel to the army base.Army of infested breach the base and you get into a experimental outdated space rocket.Autopilot takes you to a orbital lab.End of episode one.Praise Jesus!

I don't think I mentioned thermometers but if I hire you to build it with my creative ideas and story would you be open to designing a game ?

Thanks so much for this update that really makes it more realistic.The cockpit corrections look excellent too.Praise Jesus !

Where do I a oculus key or steam key ?

I been there and thank God I got out and wasnt a permanent resident.Now I try to steer others clear and to Jesus' love so sincere.

I liked that in harrow 2 you can pick up and read the books while turning pages.Thought of a full chapter or book of the bible.The horror stories like those classics about the wolfman and dracula could be done I think open source stories.Having the detective on assignment trying to unfold the mystery aboard on some foreign assignment.Realizing the bible is true and only way to fight and defeat thermometers aren't physical weapons but spiritual ones.Starts as a cynic and ends as a believer.

Idea for you to make a bible game about Jesus.Forty days about Jesus time in the wilderness.

Thanks for your work and development in vr gaming and always updating to polish your games for the gamers experience.Looking forward to the update.

hook me up with a alpha beta demo.

Looks good dude.

So the update isn't out yet right ?

So having trouble with starting where I left off and is it possible to add snapturn or smooth ?

So what do we do to save and continue where we left off.Do we have to get to key milestones in the game ?

(1 edit)

Can you add snapturn and lower the worldscale ? Also in the Pastors notes can you remove when the Pastor or other book logs use God as just a word of shock ?

Wow sounds fascinating.

Thanks bro and also making great vr content. 

What do I do to update without buying it again ?

So its been updated since yesterday ?