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I agree

I been stuck in vr for hours,its so real I forgot I was in a

Nice video bro.

Put up on steam and oculus.

Amazing concept and gameplay.Praise Jesus!

Thanks for the update that corrects the snapturn. is super 3d noahs ark.I believe its drm free because I was able to purchase the rom legally.I was wondering if you may consider doing it in vr too.

Is it possible to do a release on daydream and mobile vr ?

What is available and out on your patreon as games and builds?

Thanks for the snapturn update.

Game is so comfortable to play and the objects are so 3d in vr you can almost touch them.The snapturn does work but in reverse.I turn the thumbstick right and it goes problem.

Is it working on oculus,the snapturn...if so what to do to work it?

Is it getting snapturn soon for oculus ?

Great game and not uncomfortable at all.Just difficult on oculus without snapturn.Praise Jesus !

I remember playing this on 3do for the first time...thought it was in the future then in 96.Praise Jesus!

Consider adding snapturn to oculus,thanks.Praise Jesus !

Can you put or port this to daydream and oculus gear vr.Would be great on mirage solo.Praise Jesus!

Great job and very cool.Works on oculus with some patience.Praise Jesus!

Got it working with the openvr option instead of the oculus one.

It crashes when I hit the oculus option.Praise Jesus!