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This has been recently updated ? Congrats on oculus platform.

Sill this get updated to include more games ? It’s very fun and cool.

Got my key and it looks really nice.

I got it and it’s working. Is the second case not available until you complete the first ?

no email,spam or trash key. Why not make the itch page with a download. Just send the key here.

no key in email,spam or trash.

It will not let me download.

what name are you in that discord ?

Nothing, no key in my email.

I purchased this on itch and cant download the update.Do we get a key for the oculus app lab ?

Wow airships

Very cool sir

Thanks for another update and will have to try on Pimax.

A bid budget AAA looking game and for a fraction of the cost.

I cant find my mods anywhere in game. Had to reinstall and only have two stock planes.

What does the full paid non demo include. Demo is really tight.

What does the full paid non demo version include ? The demo is terrific.

You ought did yourself again.

Are you too,Eggman ?

Wow, its terrific...all your mods.Thanks dude.

Can you add a option to remove or avoid the opening dancing scene ? Its not cyberpunk 2077 but they added optional nudity censor. Still with their censor their game is full of trash. This request or comment doesn't suggest your creative software isn't a work of art.Thanks for your game and the updates.

Consider doing more like this or a full length game.You got the skills and imagination to do it.You can do it.

So very cool,thanks.

So very interesting and very much fun.

Thanks for your ongoing work.

No games yet yo ?

No new games,just bug fixes ?

This updated delorean works and looks terrific,thanks.

I had to charge my quest 2 and flight sim 20 was acting weird.Can’t wait to test drive this.

Very cool,didnt darth maul and anakin ride that in 1 & 2.

Yo pimp me a blimp,a Hindenburg sir...inside out interior details with multi views. 

Nice mods sir,always adding more and it plays terrific in vr yo.I haven’t tried these most recent releases yet.

Very cool and can’t wait to try.

Look forward to more updates.

Harley please and side car is fine.

This is totally cool in vr,gauges are really neat.

Very cool mod and the interior is super cool.