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Alvora Tactics

Explore the remains of the serpent Alvora in TRPG combat! · By Rad Codex

Known bugs Sticky

A topic by Rad Codex created May 15, 2017 Views: 1,281 Replies: 40
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@Zilrax: when you put the item atop the other item, and it crashes, are you doing that specifically on top of the anvil?

@Parsley: I can't seem to replicate that issue. Is it happening to you?

@Seeric: Interesting- were you using the gamepad to play at the time, or did it just happen to be plugged in?

Thanks for the bug reports everyone!

I don't believe I was. Let's see... No, it was the forge not the anvil. I tested it. Here's what I did. First, I dropped a scarf on it, no crash. Next, I built a new web whip, put that on it. Nothing. deforged piece of iron, put it on it. Nothing. Picked up a web whip, clicked it on the forge then on a bottle. Crash. 

Wasn't sure what did it so went to recreate it. Took awhile but I'm certain now. The crash happens when you attempt to click while the text cannot use this item there is up and then an item is place on top of another item. This seems to usually happen if you try to put an item that can't be deconstructed in the forge, but I've had the text pop up at other times when moving items around.

My controller just happened to be plugged in and I hadn't touched it at all while playing (other than to disconnect it). I like using the mouse to move around and the keyboard for commands.

Does the ai think that preserve is a negative spell?  I saw an enemy cast preserve on his ally then another enemy use a wind spell to knock the target away as if to save him from a damaging spell.  This was in 1.03 in case the changes to preserve might have fixed this.

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