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Indiepocalypse #4

Issue #4 of a monthly indie game anthology collecting games from 10 developers. · By PIZZAPRANKS


A topic by PhilipL created May 09, 2020 Views: 304 Replies: 4
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Thought of ideas similar to this before. As a developer, what are the requirements to have a game be part of an indiepocalypse issue in the future, and what would the process of kinda submitting a game, to say it that way?

Edit: i now see that a multiple of the games were made by the same people. The question then is, is it possible for new creators at some point to have their games featured or is this a project across a group of people?


There's not really any requirement for a game to be included though generally games should 'complete'. That doesn't mean long and perfectly polished, more that it should feel like part of an anthology and not just a demo.

Submissions are as simple as linking the game(s) to the jam page I have set up on itch. There will always be a submission page open and will always redirect to the current active submission page. 

As far as contributors go, they are chosen on a 'per developer' basis not per game. So while some people submit multiple games that end up getting included, there are always 10 unique developers each month. 

If you submit your game to the bundle are you committing to it be exclusive to the bundle, or could you have your own page for it too?

This looks very interesting, and either way I'll definitely have to cook up a submission!


Having a game included gives me no exclusivity or ownership of any part of the game so you're free to do whatever you want with any included games.

Okay, thanks. Might be something i will consider contributing to in the future :)