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Apparently people can go as fast as 1:15!

me too!

Thank you for the thoughtful review!

Go for it! I would not especially recommend using this anymore for performance reasons, but don't worry if you are already far along.

thank you : )

I don't, but as the game is open source, someone could make one now! You could download gamemaker studio 2 and the project file and play it that way I think.

it's not uploaded anywhere yet, but the music files are included in the game folder.

please send it to me on twitter or discord. Thanks!


Zooming can be accomplished by changing the width and height of the camera. It sounds like you want an easy way to this with a "zoom" variable. The easiest way (if you're working off of this exact code) is to multiply `new_width` and `new_height` by the zoom variable every step, so that changes to the zoom instantly effect the size of the view.

Hope that helps.

I'd recommend joining the discord to chat with other speedrunners:

They denied it a while ago for being a demo.

Absolutely amazing game, a true banger. remniscent of tetris but completely original. the simple mechanic is very engaging

it is now fixed!

fixed now!

It should all be fixed now, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

sorry, made a mistake. ill fix today

Thank you for giving us your heart : )

: ]

so hype!

there is a speedrun mode! you can enable it in options. theres also leaderboards on newgrounds!

Comically large gun!

There should be fullscreen if you download windows version!

thanks badduck!


Like a paparazzi simulator. Love this game! keep up the great work

Nice game! 


That will be possible after Patch 1 is out. Expect it next weekend!

On it! Should have more next week


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were working on more! Check latest devlog

probably not

were working on some bonus levels right now!

Thank you for covering our game! It was really nice to hear thoughts and feedback from your diverse group. I hope you'll continue to follow the development of our game!

Hi there! there's no volume slider right now, but you can turn off the music in the settings menu if needed

you can someday! i believe in you!

Gamemaker studio 2

there is a speedrun timer! you can enable it in options. also there's public leaderboards on newgrounds!

check out the leaderboards on newgrounds! sub 1 is definitely possible, you can chat with people on my discord about strats if you want!

Thank you so much!