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im proud of you!

Good job :)

Amazing to actually finish a game like this in a jam and have it be this polished and non janky. Fun levels, some a little hard but all interesting and cool.

cool little game. I kept wanting to scroll to move around the dungeon editor lol

oh it makes sense now! the puzzles are cool, it reminds me of 2048 for some reason 

super cool game, i thought some mechanics were bit a confusing but the vibe was great!

I really like this take on the theme!

Cute sokoban style game. I'm not sure if I was missing something but I didn't figure out how to put the blocks on buttons (I could move them but not onto buttons).

Nah they paid we love coolmath : )



Nice work!

you can buy the project file and make levels using gamemaker!

it was made for you

Amazing game once again! Always fascinated by your intuitive concepts that still lead to super interesting gameplay.

Really good stuff here! Art and sound is fantastic, and gameplay is an interesting concept. Very smooth feel, and no bugs or anything. Good enemy variety as well. Maybe a touch easy?  Fun time.

Nice relaxing game. It was a little easy, I eventually just decided I had played enough. But it all looked, sounded, and felt nice!

I liked the art and music but I guess those were premade. The game was fun and could easily be addicting, interesting concept.

Gameplay was easy to understand, I liked finding the extra dice. A little laggy, the dice got stuck on corners during some runs.

Pretty interesting! Liked the art and music, gameplay was simple but good. Enemies came out of nowhere a lot which was confusing, more sounds would have helped with that.

gf died so I pushed her into the hole. 10/10

Agree with other commenters that I couldn't figure out what to do. Game looks pretty good though!

Interesting strategy game, slightly too complicated for my taste but still a good idea. The art and music are well done.

yeah really wanted to do one but ran out of time. Thanks for playing!

Try clicking to focus the window!

Glad to hear it!

Thanks :)

Apparently people can go as fast as 1:15!

me too!

Thank you for the thoughtful review!

Go for it! I would not especially recommend using this anymore for performance reasons, but don't worry if you are already far along.

thank you : )

I don't, but as the game is open source, someone could make one now! You could download gamemaker studio 2 and the project file and play it that way I think.

it's not uploaded anywhere yet, but the music files are included in the game folder.

please send it to me on twitter or discord. Thanks!


Zooming can be accomplished by changing the width and height of the camera. It sounds like you want an easy way to this with a "zoom" variable. The easiest way (if you're working off of this exact code) is to multiply `new_width` and `new_height` by the zoom variable every step, so that changes to the zoom instantly effect the size of the view.

Hope that helps.

I'd recommend joining the discord to chat with other speedrunners:

They denied it a while ago for being a demo.

Absolutely amazing game, a true banger. remniscent of tetris but completely original. the simple mechanic is very engaging

it is now fixed!