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Yeah, most of the release posts seemed pretty sparse/short so I just followed suit. But if people want more screenshots I've got no problem adding them.

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Indiepocalypse #9 is now out!

Indiepocalypse is a monthly indie game bundle that features (and pays!) 10 developers each month with a goal of highlighting of what games can be by collecting together to a number of smaller voices in hopes of making a much larger voice. Each issue also comes with a pdf zine containing comics, mini-zines, and more.

This months games are

The Light Prince by Christina Nordlander

Do I Pass? by Taylor McCue
Saving You From Yourself by Taylor McCue
BBB: Boost Boom Boots by Darenn Keller and Joan Solroo

Door XP by Darenn Keller and Joan Solroo
Looking at The Fucked-Up Guy Looking at You by Julian K. Jarboe
novena by Cecile Richard

Perfect Vermin by Maceo bob Mair and Angad Matharoo
I Was Always Filled With Anger by Raphaël Dely, Axel Rannou & Max Romain
Eat-It-All by arya & nestgoblin
is it that deep, bro? by moawling & cavegift
Sanguine Oblation by CheezGarlick, Moumita, Vitor Amado, Jammmz
Professor Pemda's Puzzle Pyramid by Bean Borg

Link to the store page with more info and screenshots for each game

Link to the entry page for issue #11

Yeah, you can just send them to

Thanks! For the especially large ones I'll probably still break them up for the downloader's convenience, but for issues like this that just crept over the limit that's very helpful!

Indiepocalypse is a bundle of indie games from 10 developers (that are paid for their inclusion!) that comes out the first Friday of every month. Each issue also comes with a PDF zine (hence the 'bundle-zine') that highlights each game and also has comics, reviews, features, mini-zines, and more. 

There is no restriction on the games that can be submitted each month. The goal of Indiepocalypse is to use collective publishing to bring more attention to indie developers than they could get individually. 

Store page | Submission page for future issues | Collection of all past issues

Contributors to Indiepocalypse #7

Super Epic Random Bard Guy
Mario 'MarioKness' Torrisi

Donut Maker!
Liz Wilson, merlumina
Project Agent
Daniel Hugelmann
nilson carroll

Legend of the Nine Rings
A Midclubber Night's Dream
Jon Topielski, Beardy, Thoof, Mafgar
Random Access Rememberer
Sergio Cornaga

Ilchenko Oleksandr

*BONUS* Electric Zine Maker

KC Green, PHD, Sam Pender , Gino Vasconcelos

Stargazing Zine by yllogique
Feature on Cyberblock Metal Orange by HG101

Lone Wolf by Sam Pender

The game needs to have some form of offline version (which most browser games should have even if the player needs to download something) since there's no kind of launcher and the zine is just distributed as a zip.


I'm sure in the future I'll probably have a month of exclusivity for the launch month, but for now there is no exclusivity of any kind.

Ratings have already ended and an email had been sent to the people chosen. I sent an email to everyone who submitted saying this using the 'message participants' on itch but it's possible that could get caught as spam. 

For future issues I'l probably make a topic about it as well in case some people don't get the email. 

That's just a demo since it's not fully released yet. I usually just copy over whatever name the creator submits, but I should probably make sure to append 'demo/unfinished' where it applies.


I had noticed that some files had long names that were messing with the zipping so I shortened them but hadn't run into a special/non-English character problem. if it's easier to avoid these characters I'll make sure to do that from now on.

You'll have to send me an updated version if you make. Generally though, this zine should be thought of as a place for things are done or maybe get a small bugfix.

Yeah, there's not really any restrictions on games that are submitted.

Hi, the email you submitted ( bounced back as an address that couldn't be found.


It's already up. 

Having a game included gives me no exclusivity or ownership of any part of the game so you're free to do whatever you want with any included games.

There's not really any requirement for a game to be included though generally games should 'complete'. That doesn't mean long and perfectly polished, more that it should feel like part of an anthology and not just a demo.

Submissions are as simple as linking the game(s) to the jam page I have set up on itch. There will always be a submission page open and will always redirect to the current active submission page. 

As far as contributors go, they are chosen on a 'per developer' basis not per game. So while some people submit multiple games that end up getting included, there are always 10 unique developers each month. 

I think that's just an bug that happens when someone deletes their game page without removing it from the jams it's attached to.


Hello! I am currently editing Indiepocalypse, a monthly indie game zine that pays developers.

I'm basically trying to create a home for collective publishing of short-form games (physical or digital) like other artistic mediums have had for so long. I hope that with time this can help to normalize the idea that shorter games have value, which in turn would make games (slightly more) viable for a wider range of people.

There is no theme or other requirements for a game to be eligible. A cleaned-up game from 5 years ago is as valid as a game made specifically for the jam. I'm just looking for cool games!

Each issue also comes with a short PDF magazine (I'll be making a limited run of physical copies to show/give to interested contributors or print-on-demand purchases) with a page for (and made by) each developer. In an attempt cross-pollinate games folks with other artists (and because I just like to support fellow artists) each issue will have a (also paid!) cover made by someone outside of, or tangentially related to, the world of games.

If you're curious about prior entries, they can all be found at

Entries for issue #5 close May 15th
Link to the jam:

Absolutely! There's no restriction on what can be submitted, but the entry is very much judged as-is and tends towards games that are 'complete' (of length does in no way dictate completeness). That said, the zine will be around every month so if you feel it's too early still, submissions for issue #5 open this Saturday!

Whether a game is free/paid now or in the past doesn't really matter. As for Kickstarter exclusives, I suppose that all depends on how much you feel it matters to have them included vs. have them as exclusive. Either way is fine.

Demos could be fine but they should probably still feel like a complete entry. They should be more standalone and less suddenly "here's the end of the demo, find out more in the full game!"

The anthology will have 10 developers each month so I'm extending if someone wants to submit while I look for the 10th entry. Everyone who submitted to this point is considered locked in.

You can submit as many as you want but can only have one slot meaning I'd either pick the game or give you the choice of bundling them together as one entry or picking which game you'd like included.

This is start of my goal to create a monthly anthology series for games. I'm using itch as the submission platform since a indie developers are already here and my own personal reach is rather small.  Games don't need to be made during the course of the jam. For this issue the only theme is that the games be made by people not attending GDC. 

A big part of starting this anthology is the hope that smaller games become more widely valued and developers can have more smaller opportunities instead of years-long gambles. Games are curated by me at the end of the submission period and 10 developers will be included. Everyone gets $20 USD for acceptance and a percentage of the issue's sales going forward.

I hope that answers all your questions!


Actually, it turns out my gamepad wasn't plugged in so I wasn't getting this error. It should be fine now.