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Indiepocalypse is a fully offline collection (it's just a zip full of games with a fancy) so you need to submit a game that can be played offline. If you submit a game and even if you are accepted, you don't need to make any versions of the game you host on your own pages freely downloadable. Just the version in Indiepocalypse would be an offline downloadable copy.

I tend to play the games as they come in so there's no strict cutoff and I have a few left still. You can update it, but also spelling errors would only really be the deciding factor in not choosing a game if the errors were so frequent/egregious they made the text unreadable or close to it.

Why would you need it on steam when you can already buy and download it?

Nobody "wins". As the page says, selections will be made public when the issue is released.


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The issue of Indiepocalypse. Did you read through the description on the submission page?

There is no first place and results aren't public until the issue is released.

No. This is not a ranked jam or jam at all.

"Games can be of any theme "

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Indiepocalypse is a monthly anthology of indie games with the goal of highlighting (and paying) alternative art in games. Each month features a zine and 10 playable games, including a game new commissioned for that month's issue.

This month's commissioned game is Catacomb Creeper: Re-Vined Edition by Breogan Hackett.  Catacomb Creeper is a game where you play as a plant and grow your way out of the catacombs collecting water to let you grow ever further.

The other games in issue #27 are below with longer descriptions on the store page.

The Parade by Reshma Zachariah and Timofey Peshin
glazkovia: a journey of the mind.  by RanDevs Studios
A Vacation in Nebula  by Frogge
Flesh 4 Boy  by Sunny Evans
Marissa Is Now Idle by Niandra
Go Fly A Kite by Digital Tchotchkes
RESYNC  by Ghast
Good Day  by Gold Diggers (Rachel Li, Toby Do, Siyi Chen)
Nymph's Tower by Toby Alden, John Thyer, Reshma Zachariah, John Bond, Muxer

For anyone interested in joining future issues, I am always accepting submissions.

Devs can include multiple games (within reason and especially if they're tied together) but that doesn't take up multiple contributor slots nor does it change the amount the dev is paid.

When you submit games, one of the required private fields is a place for providing a game code.

So long as you can provide a version that is fully playable offline, it's fine.

Submissions are pretty much always open and if you read the page it states

"This simply a submission page for the zine. I do not consider it a jam and would encourage others to do the same. If you want to make a new game for the zine (and I'm not commissioning you) more power to you I guess."

Yes, in general it is fine to submit to Indiepocalypse in addition to any other anthology/contest unless their rules prohibit it.

In your specific case, I am currently not accepting repeat contributors.

Not sure what you mean, there's no size limit.

Uploaded a new copy so hope it works. But I also noticed I hadn't flagged it for any OS so the problem might have been much simpler to solve.

Maybe something broke when it was uploading. I'll reupload it tomorrow.

I've hidden the PDF so that only the games should be available. The game zip has the PDF as well anyway.

It's one of the clearly labeled required fields when you initially submit your game that you must provide a playable copy.

Whichever engine you want to use is fine. 

Games don't need to be made specifically for the zine (generally wouldn't recommend it) but games are in no way exclusive to the zine.

Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

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Yes. When you submit there's a private field for providing a code/download link.

when the issue comes out

Yes, there's a private field when you submit for a code/link.

Accidentally wrote 'week' instead of Saturday. Corrected.

1. There's a newsletter signup link that gets you access to a page with all the zines when you first sign up.

2. I don't access to other people's sales data.

Don't see why not

You can submit anything you want.

Only if their license allows for commercial use. 

The zine is a companion to the bundle because I like zines and it's a much easier way to show off what is now 150+ games at events. If you are selected, you either make the page yourself or give me the assets to easily make a page.

They are not.

"-Games can be made during the length of the 'jam' or any time prior "

I typically use paypal

If it's possible to make a version that can be played offline.

"Games chosen are in no way way exclusive to Indiepocalypse and can remain on your itch page or anywhere else for any price you want."

Not if you are just using minecraft assets (or direct copies of said assets)

A playable web version is fine for submission but if a game is selected there needs to be a downloadable version.

it's a jam page,  at the top of page you should be able to join and then submit a game

Is there now way to easily make an executable version? I tried loading that file in Godot and it failed.