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Feedback! Sticky

A topic by TommyPrentice created 113 days ago Views: 134 Replies: 10
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Feedback is appreciated!

Help me improve, anyone who sends amazing feedback can become a customer within the game!

I enjoy the game but i have a problem the character is moving backwards all the time, is that the point or is it a bug?

For me, the character moves forward all the time. Must be a bug.


I haven't seen this happen before :O Is it something that happens when the game starts or do you have to do something for it to occur?

Just all the time i don't have to do anything

I have the same problem as Shylissyr, my character goes forward without reason. I don't have modified anything


Thanks for confirming, have looked into the movement system and I am currently in the middle of changing it completely. Should be ready within a week :)

I have a suggestion, when you buy compoents, they go directly in to the shelfs, with a limit to how many of each component you can have at once


Thanks for the feedback! Currently working on a build with improved movement and will look to add this in aswell:)

Now it constantly move backwards immediatly after start.


i like the game, but i have a problem because i have 2 monitors and the cursor doesn't lock to the game so when i try to rotate something i allways click out of the game, like a still move the camera in game but the cursor is moving on the second monitor