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Feedback! Sticky

A topic by TommyPrentice created May 02, 2017 Views: 456 Replies: 25
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Feedback is appreciated!

Help me improve, anyone who sends amazing feedback can become a customer within the game!

I enjoy the game but i have a problem the character is moving backwards all the time, is that the point or is it a bug?

For me, the character moves forward all the time. Must be a bug.


I haven't seen this happen before :O Is it something that happens when the game starts or do you have to do something for it to occur?

Just all the time i don't have to do anything


Hey there!

Sorry for the huge absence I have been busy at university and working on a few other projects. I finally got around today fixing the constant movement issue. I have done a fair bit of testing but again only on my current PC so I would love to know if it has managed to fix it on everyone else's systems as well. The newest version has been updated to the site, doesn't acctually include any content as of yet as I first wanted to make sure that everyone is possible to play the basic version. If all goes well with this Ill be looking to add some more content and do some updated graphics/artwork very soon.

I just played the game agian and it is really fun, Thanks!

I have the same problem as Shylissyr, my character goes forward without reason. I don't have modified anything


Thanks for confirming, have looked into the movement system and I am currently in the middle of changing it completely. Should be ready within a week :)

I have a suggestion, when you buy compoents, they go directly in to the shelfs, with a limit to how many of each component you can have at once


Thanks for the feedback! Currently working on a build with improved movement and will look to add this in aswell:)

Now it constantly move backwards immediatly after start.


Hey there Shylissyr!

I have just updated the game to try and fix the movement of the character so if you want to give it a re-download. On my system it doesn't occur anymore, can you let me know if it still affects you!

It didn't fix it for me, it just goes forwards

Still moving continously forward without pressing anything. Also tried with my PS3 cntroller unplugged, but it didn't help.


Well that's annoying ¬¬ I cant get this to reproduce at all anymore!  What graphics settings are you using? This is really frustrating haha!

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Changing resolution/graphics quailty didn't help. Toggling Windowed mode neither. Here are my PC's details in HTML:


You are a star! I'll have a look into it thank you so much for the help <3


i like the game, but i have a problem because i have 2 monitors and the cursor doesn't lock to the game so when i try to rotate something i allways click out of the game, like a still move the camera in game but the cursor is moving on the second monitor

I'm constantly walking forwards. So it makes the game harder.

This game is fun for about 10 minutes.  My issues are that when you try to put parts into the case they wont snap in and somtimes they will push your case away.  My way of fixing this issue would proably be adding a way to lock the case down on the desk.  another issue I have is when you buy parts like muiltiple cases they can glitch into each other making them useless.  Overall I like this game but it has a lot of issues.


Thank you for the feedback! I have been away working at university but now have some free time to finally get back to this. I recently been working on a movement fix as many people were having issues with constantly moving even when no buttons being pressed. I hope to have fixed this now, and after I get this confirmed I am hoping to be able to progress more! All of your feedback will be taken into consideration, I really like the idea of locking the case down!

Really nice game. 

I think that you should be able to move the objects around faster when picking them up.

I would also like to see different types of each component in the future. (A more expensive CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)

Game is missing Zen type gameplay without money or time ASAP.  Also antialiasing is missing and sometimes when i purchase things, they do not want to be picked. I have to shake a case in the game. Also game is missing coloured cases and dual processor motherboards.

Also esc button does not close the game. I have to use alt + F4. Also please make game switchable into a window so I can minimize the game.

also second ssd sometimes can not be inserted. And game is missing quad processor superserver like this one