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Great! It's working now. It's good and very hard.

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Changing resolution/graphics quailty didn't help. Toggling Windowed mode neither. Here are my PC's details in HTML:

No. I played with the Windows version, because my laptop's AMD GPU'S performance is very shitty on Linux with the Open Source driver. And  fglrx is supported no more on Linux Kernel 4.9, so I'm left with almost no playable games i know. I use Linux for everyday shit and Windows 8.1 for gaming.

Still moving continously forward without pressing anything. Also tried with my PS3 cntroller unplugged, but it didn't help.

The robot won't turn and it will only shoot backwards. WTF?  Is that how it supposed to work?

Me neither. I have Windows 8.1.

Me neither. The tape arrives, but nothing happens when o put it in.

Now it constantly move backwards immediatly after start.

Thanks for the info!

I'm glad to hear that. How much will the main game cost? Will it be free like this?

Awesome game. I wish it would be much longer with some more actions.  Because it feels like if the story ends when it statrs to be more interesting. Please make a sequel of it!

For me, the character moves forward all the time. Must be a bug.