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Now it constantly move backwards immediatly after start.

Hey there Shylissyr!

I have just updated the game to try and fix the movement of the character so if you want to give it a re-download. On my system it doesn't occur anymore, can you let me know if it still affects you!

It didn't fix it for me, it just goes forwards

Still moving continously forward without pressing anything. Also tried with my PS3 cntroller unplugged, but it didn't help.

Well that's annoying ¬¬ I cant get this to reproduce at all anymore!  What graphics settings are you using? This is really frustrating haha!

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Changing resolution/graphics quailty didn't help. Toggling Windowed mode neither. Here are my PC's details in HTML: https://yadi.sk/d/CiJ7r8_Y3NVQeY


You are a star! I'll have a look into it thank you so much for the help <3