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Dear developer, game is rendering 14 fps on nvidia GT610. My device is dell vostro 270 with windows 7 64bit.

Dear developer, Can You  dress the character without necklase? It is looking horrible. Also game lags and shutters sometimes. My device is ASUS G750JH with intel core I7 4700HQ and nvidia 780M And with original 8GB ddr3L memory.

game render distance is too small and mouse movements are too high. My device is ASUS G750JH with intel core i7 4700HQ and nvidia 780M. Game runs smootly.

hello? can You tell me that You read my posts?

also second ssd sometimes can not be inserted. And game is missing quad processor superserver like this one

Also esc button does not close the game. I have to use alt + F4. Also please make game switchable into a window so I can minimize the game.

Game is missing Zen type gameplay without money or time ASAP.  Also antialiasing is missing and sometimes when i purchase things, they do not want to be picked. I have to shake a case in the game. Also game is missing coloured cases and dual processor motherboards.