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Austy - a building game

A topic by olinguito created May 01, 2017 Views: 389 Replies: 27
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a new building game with:

day and night


10 + blocks

2 worlds

and more

(its i alpha)

download now:

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So... It's a minecraft clone?

Grammar mistake: You meant (It's in alpha), but instead put (its i alpha)

Remember capital letters at the begging of your sentence and for nouns. Also remember punctuation.

It makes it look more professional.

The game is quite good. There are a few spelling mistakes, so make sure to PERFECT it.

The only bad thing is it's not really "fun". It's cool that you can run around placing blocks everywhere, but it doesn't have a goal. You should give it a goal... Try that.

a first i am not that good on 3d design.

a goal can be fun to make but i dont relly know what its goona be.

and minecraft clone... not relly i make it to not be a minecraft clone by having some random blocks and more physics

First of all: If you are not good on 3D design, then go to 2D and practice programming on that.

Second: Learn English, or go back to school

Third: The idea of having blocks to place and build something, is almost identical to minecraft.

If you want people to play you game, you need to make it unique.

i have made some 2d so i whant to make 3d

and a new update

i am working on making it unique and so but if having a building game many games not like minecraft will be be a minecraft clone like scrap mechanic

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Dude, if you want to make a good game, and you want people to actually click on it, you need to learn proper English. If you're foreign, don't speak our language. If you are English, Go back to school.

Yes this does seem very rude, but it's true.

iknow but i am learning

have you downloaded the new update?

mabey you can help

I don't have Unity, sorry. I use Gamemaker: Studio.

I may get Unity one day.

i mean marketing

No thankyou. I don't have much spare time on my hands while deveoping my own games.

ok how is it going with your game?