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As said on my homepage, I use GameMaker: Studio 1.4 which is no longer available. You can download GameMaker Studio 2 at for a measly $100 or so

I cannot confirm that.

- Hansen Games

H..H..How are you so good at artwork?

Please explain your methods you wizard!

I cannot report any bugs as you have not enabled a comment section or a discussion board for your game's page.

I recommend adding a discussion board as I have many bugs.

- Hansen Games


Oopsies! I forgot that! Thankyou for telling me.

It's a windows game. Download the .zip, unzip it and open the .exe file.

You don't need a beefy computer like mine to run it :) It's a simple-graphic 2D game with a lot of code behind it. Hope you enjoy! I would love some feedback.

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Great, Thankyou! Have you played it? I would love some feedback :D (Post it on the game discussion board on the game page)

I'm currently working on version 0.3. Should be out soon. Many new features!

No thankyou. I don't have much spare time on my hands while deveoping my own games.

I know the problem, Odd1In. He'll get there one day...

I don't have Unity, sorry. I use Gamemaker: Studio.

I may get Unity one day.

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Dude, if you want to make a good game, and you want people to actually click on it, you need to learn proper English. If you're foreign, don't speak our language. If you are English, Go back to school.

Yes this does seem very rude, but it's true.

Post any new ideas you think I should add to Disinfector. Things include gamemodes or aspects of the game that would make it more fun. Anything you like.

First of all: If you are not good on 3D design, then go to 2D and practice programming on that.

Second: Learn English, or go back to school

Third: The idea of having blocks to place and build something, is almost identical to minecraft.

If you want people to play you game, you need to make it unique.

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So... It's a minecraft clone?

Grammar mistake: You meant (It's in alpha), but instead put (its i alpha)

Remember capital letters at the begging of your sentence and for nouns. Also remember punctuation.

It makes it look more professional.

The game is quite good. There are a few spelling mistakes, so make sure to PERFECT it.

The only bad thing is it's not really "fun". It's cool that you can run around placing blocks everywhere, but it doesn't have a goal. You should give it a goal... Try that.

Page link

Disinfector is a 2D game where you run around, trying to disinfect the world around you.

You will need to challenge the corruption in order to survive!

But will you?...


Disinfector has 3 exciting gamemodes to choose from:

  1. Disinfect - Disinfect the world from corruption
  2. Speedrun - See how fast you can corrupt the world
  3. Versus - See who can infect/disinfect the world first!

Yeah that's pretty much it as of v0.2 I plan to add more in the future. You can suggest things on our public discord server or on the game discussion board.

Discord Link:

If you have found any bugs within Disinfector, please post them here.

When you click where the yes/no box would be, if it's not there, it still plays the clicking sound. Due to the fact that the game is detecting for the mouse being in that loaction instead of colliding with the buttosn themself