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A Night With A Bat Girl

One night, a bat girl shows up at your window. You decide what happens next. · By furrgroup

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A topic by furrgroup created Apr 24, 2020 Views: 1,488 Replies: 6
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What did you think of your time with the game? I'm always open to criticism, so let me know your thoughts!

You can also rate the game on the store page. That helps a lot!


I quite enjoyed it, altough i was a bit dissapointed when i realized you opted out of including a flying sex scene. Just feels like a missed opportunity.


This game was pretty great, Dreamscape personality was pretty awesome with lots options in the game. However, I wish there was more story for her and others in the game as day 1/ night 1 was awesome. I hope there could be more with possible option of a second character added into it for more story, Fantastic Game!!!


The game is amazing! Though, I hope to know how many endings there are. Dreamscape's personality is a dream to many people and most people might let her in their houses nonetheless lol. (Still depends on the individual tho). Again, a really good game and looking forward to more of your content!


honestly, addictive even ignoring the sex aspect of the game it was so much fun to play(90.2% completion tho :'( sad) I really enjoyed the game. I will say though if there were more days and time for each choice branch that would be better the, I kid you not nearly 50 endings i had gone through all maybe 4 actual different choices long, the time to complete the game would be more satisfying. Otherwise cant describe enough how much i enjoyed the game, the art was good, her personality was good, and i really liked how realistic the Main characters thoughts are. if it wasn't a sex based game i'd recommend it to my friends ;)

te tengo una pregunta, sabes cual es la novena ecena del juego, no puedo encontrarlo, me ayudas, plis 

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bueno la verdad que el juego me gusto mucho pero si creo que se pudo aver mejorado como en mas ecenas porque se podria ver aprovechado vastante el tema de que podia volar por las alas pero todo bien y tambien lo que me gusto fue sobre como se expresaban los personajes porque era como si medio lo pensaras me gusto lo recomendaria  amis amigos pero lo unico malo es que es vasado en sexo. y por otra va aver un segundo juego o solo sera este? O habra alguna actualizacion?