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Each succubus has multiple hints and there are more hints on Lil' Dude's computer. If you check those and you're still stuck, there's a guide with the demos!

I've gotten a few similar reports, so I've pushed an update that should fix this! Give it a go and let me know if everything works.

Hey there, I pushed an update and this should be fixed now! Let me know if you run into any issues.

If you have a controller, use that. If not, make sure you unpair any controllers and use the on-screen controls. If you're still having trouble, please reach out over on the official Discord (18+).

You'll need to use the on-screen controls in the bottom-right corner. If they don't show up, then the game thinks you have a controller paired.

That's a false positive and can be ignored.

I appreciate it! Some of my future games should make their way over, but I'm still trying to decide what to do with my older work.

Were there no errors? This game was built for VR-ready systems, so old or low-end systems may not be compatible.

You could try installing the game through the app. That should eliminate any potential installation mistakes but if the game isn't compatible it'll still crash.

I know it's possible and there are a few guides online (like this one). Unfortunately, I don't own a Quest, so I can't offer any more support than that.

There is no APK build planned at the moment, sorry. This game is only available on desktop.

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Yep, just the two endings! Thanks for playing!

I do have a story idea that could lead to an expanded version of this game at some point, but no promises.

Right click the shortcut and select "Properties". There, you can add "--rendering-driver opengl3" (without the quotes) to the end of the text in box by "Target:". 

I don't really recommend this for Date a Mink 3D since it causes issues with the graphics but it might work well for other games.

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Yeah, your GPU is on the lower end and may not be able to run this game. 

Some Godot games may run by forcing them to run in OpenGL3. Just make a shortcut and add "--rendering-driver opengl3" at the end of the target. This makes Date a Mink 3D look weird, but might work for 2D games.

That shouldn't happen!

Could you give me a bit more info on the error and the system you're getting it on? I may be able to make a fix.

It's hard to say what you could be missing from that information, but I'd recommend making sure you check the cum choices first.

I'll be locking this topic, so please check the completion help thread. Post there or in the official Discord (18+) if you have more completion-related questions.

The .apk is inside of the .zip file, so you just need to extract it. You can do this on a computer or phone (how-to guide).

Probably not. The succubi would look cute with santa hats, though.

I'll look into options for adding a feature like that in the future. I can't promise anything since I've been coding everything myself but I do agree that it would be nice.

Make sure she has two traits as opposed to two of the same trait to at least give her more questions to pick from. The game should avoid back to back repeats but duplicates can still happen due to randomness.

I've been planning to put my games up on Steam for a bit now, but it may be a bit before I can find the time.

Make sure you extract the .zip first (right click -> extract all). You could also try running the game through the app.

Whenever I update next, a fix for these will be included. Thanks for letting me know!

There is a full guide available in the "Download demo" section of the page. It includes all the recipes as well as a spoiler-free walkthrough.

To quote the game page:

  • The free version of the game on this page is the full game but with some removed features and censored sex scenes. In the full version, you get access to additional features like uncensored art, the gallery (CG Gallery, Music Room, and Scene Viewer), and Nude Mode.

I'd love to release my entire game for free, of course, but I'm not in the financial position to do that unfortunately. 

The censorship is there to encourage you to purchase the full version while still allowing you to experience the entire game's story for free. The only things you are missing out on by playing the free version are Nude Mode, the gallery, and some unpixellated genitals. 

For a $5 game, I think that's fair.

The game was made in Godot 3.5 (as of 1.0) using GLES3 if that's what you're asking. The character models are modified VRoid models, which I can recommend if you're looking to make some basic characters.

On this page! You need to pay $15+. You can also pay $20+ to get the soundtrack.

None at the moment. 

It's a two ingredient brew.
If you need a more specific hint, feel free to ask in #spoilers on the official Discord (18+) !

I'm planning to look into touchscreen input for the next update. If that works out, I'll definitely add an android build.

Currently I'm working on a smaller side-project (also in Godot), but I should be able to get an update or two done once that is finished.

I've set up a channel called #modding in the Discord. As of right now, there aren't many mods, but I've made a few things that people may find interesting and you can post any mods you create there. 

The character creator and gallery are not available in the free version. 
In the paid version, you can create a custom character through "Date Maker" on the main menu. 

I don't think so. You would need to mod it in.

I didn't build the game with android specs or touchscreen input in mind, so it might not be possible. I'll look into it.

You can customize your skin tone in the settings!
I've thought about adding gender or player name options as well, but I haven't decided on anything conclusive at this time.

No, unfortunately.

The choice menu that led to the true ending also leads to the ending I think you're missing.

I wasn't able to get a team together for Catgirl Care, but I haven't given up on the concept. 

My current project, The Blind Date Game, is partially an attempt to learn how to develop 3D games so that Catgirl Care can be a lot more than this cute visual novel demo. I may also make a tiny catgirl game along the way while I iron out the concept.

This game was built in Ren'Py! I'm not much of a UI artist, so I stuck with the default menus the engine provides. That said, I did make some adjustments and some of the menus are custom.