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The art pack comes with the original 4K resolution versions of the in-game art as well as the game's soundtrack in FLAC & MP3. There aren't any exclusive images, unfortunately. 

That said, I do still draw Ally from time to time though since she's cute.

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That shouldn't happen! Could you reach out to me either in the Discord or through my support email? I'll see if I can help get things running.

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Soon! Beta 0.5 will bring the sex system, You can get a sneak peek here

If you get some time, message me through my support email or in the Discord. I'm trying to hunt down this bug. 

I'm still trying to figure out what's causing that glitch as I can't trigger it on my end. Are you on Windows 11? 

It may be a good idea to message me through my support email so I can work with you directly. 

That really shouldn't happen. It looks to me like the inside of her mouth has inverted somehow. I'm not really sure what would cause that, to be honest.

Is this a character you loaded from a save? Does it go away when you relaunch the game?

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I'm hoping I can smooth out that uncanny-ness, but this is my first 3D project so I can't promise too much as a solo dev. 

Regarding the shell script, is that for Linux? The current beta builds are only for windows, but I'm planning to add MacOS and Linux builds with Beta 0.5. 

Oh, thank you! I'll be sure to work on fixes for these issues for the next update (probably whenever I add the next girl(s)) .

I know this must have been frustrating at the time, but this comment genuinely made me laugh. 

I hope you got your 100%!

Oof, yep. My Google Chrome is doing the same thing so a recent update must have broken things. I'll push an update as soon as Ren'Py has a fix.

For now, the work-around is to play the game with developer tools open (Right Click - Inspect) . For some reason, this makes the game work. 

What device are you on? This is apparently a common error on apple devices for the version of that the game is running on, especially Safari & iOS. There is a build you can download for apple computers, but iOS is not supported at this time. 

If you are not on iOS, I definitely still recommend trying one of the downloadable builds as you should not run into this error there.

I keep intending to put them up there, but it's not quite as simple as uploading to itch. Keep an ear out for the time being!

The full version should already be available. Are you having trouble purchasing it? 

The current 50% off bundle does not come with the addons, but you can still buy the games individually and pay a little extra on each to get them. Sorry about the confusion, it's one of those things that I don't have control over.

I do not believe that's system will give you the addons unless you paid for them with your initial purchase, unfortunately. You should be able to check your download page to be sure, of course.

There are 4 endings!

I didn't really think about it during development, but, uh...


There's a sequel!

Hello! This should be fixed now. 
Let me know if you run into any more issues.

From the description: 

The free version of the game on this page is the full game but with some removed features and censored sex scenes. 
In the full version, you get access to additional features like uncensored art and the gallery (CG Gallery, Music Room, and Scene Viewer).

So, in the free version, you're free to go through Date an Otter and experience the story but every sex scene is censored and you won't be able to use the gallery to keep track of your progress and view unlocked art, music, and replayable scenes.

I did some testing on my Android device and wasn't able to duplicate the issue. My device has a bit more power than yours, so I think you may be right about the Tab A's specs causing problems. 

Date an Otter's gallery is a bit different on the back end from my previous VNs, so it's likely a bit more demanding/unoptimized on those screens. I know a way I can reduce memory usage on these screens, but it'll have to be in a future patch. I don't know when/if that patch may come, but you should still be able to run other VNs (Date a Mink's free if you need something to test) . 

Also, I'm happy to hear this issue didn't get in the way of the story! ^^

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I was able to replicate the error by opening the game up in an incognito browser. I believe it occurs whenever the game tries to save (it autosaves at choices) using cookies.

The issue should disappear when running in a normal browser.

That shouldn't happen. If you see it again, could you send me a screenshot? 

You'll be able to romance Ally in the final game.

There will be a free version and a paid version. For free, you get the full game but it will be censored and won't contain the gallery. The paid version will contain those extra features.

If you're interested in a preview, the sequel's page is already live with a demo!

There is a sequel in the works.


Ideally, I'll find time to expand upon all of these characters.

If you're on Android, there's a downloadable version of the demo that should allow you to input your name!

There are 4 endings you can get.

No censorship here!

I'd be happy to support a Brazilian fan translation! 

If you'd like, I can send the files needed for translation. Just pop into my fan Discord and reach out to me.

Don't worry, much of that confusion will be cleared up with the final release. ^^
Thanks for checking out my game! 

Yep, when the final game is done, it'll be released here!

Some people on a piracy forum made this handy little guide! I've taken the liberty of posting it here so that you don't have to get any viruses to find a walkthrough to my game. Hope this helps! 

Please pardon the grammatical errors. I don't believe English is this pirate's first language. 

Please don't pirate indie games.
This game has a free version. Give that a go instead. 

If you're playing the game legally, thanks a ton! I've got more games on the way for people like you!
If you want an early peek at what I'm working on or would just like to show some support, check out my Patreon. That's where I post development logs and betas.

Need helping searching for that last route you may be missing? This is the thread to ask for help since some of those routes can be hard to navigate to.

Here are some dev tips:

  • There are no infinitely looping sequences in the game. If you see the same menu twice, I'm not forcing you into either choice.
  • The "Sexual/Nonsexual" menu contains the largest number of CG of any menu. That's usually a good place to double check.
  • Nude mode does not count for completion. In other words, it's 100% optional.
  • Cum options are not optional for completion. If you choose inside every time, consider going through and getting all the outside CG. The fastest way to do this is through the replay menu in the gallery.

What did you think of your time with the game? I'm always open to criticism, so let me know your thoughts!

You can also rate the game on the store page. That helps a lot!

I'm not perfect, so if you find any glitches or grammatical catastrophes, you can post them here and I'll include a fix in the next update!

This is also a good place to post crashes that you may run into when trying to run the game. Some of these are out of my control, but I'll see if I can't steer you in the right direction so that you can enjoy your night with a bat girl.

Echolocate is not a spelling error.

Took a few months, but I just released my new choice heavy visual novel! There are a LOT of endings, so no route is very long, but I tried to pack the game with as many branching paths as I could. 

For those of you who are interested, this is how I graphed the choices and related scenes in the game:

I also made a decision to not use character sprites in this game, so every scene is a brand new CG asset, which means that there are roughly 150+ art assets that I had to create for this game. I also wrote the music and script of the game and designed the gallery menu, all of which were a lot of work. It's good to see everything finally pieced together, though. 

If anyone gives the game a try, let me know your thoughts! There's a free browser version but it doesn't have all the features of the full version, which I've priced at $5. You can also buy my art pack + soundtrack for $10, of course!

Up next, I'm going to be working on a sequel to my furry game, Date a Mink.

I really don't know how to reply to some of the comments players leave about how my game impacted them, but I wanted to let you know that firsthand accounts like these really inspire me to continue to working on more games and stories.

A couple suggestions that may help:

  • Ensure that the .zip that the game is contained in is fully extracted.
  • Test the program with antivirus temporarily disabled.
  • Download and run the game through the app.