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A Night With A Bat Girl

One night, a bat girl shows up at your window. You decide what happens next. · By furrgroup

Completion Help Sticky

A topic by furrgroup created Apr 24, 2020 Views: 2,094 Replies: 1
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Need helping searching for that last route you may be missing? This is the thread to ask for help since some of those routes can be hard to navigate to.

Here are some dev tips:

  • There are no infinitely looping sequences in the game. If you see the same menu twice, I'm not forcing you into either choice.
  • The "Sexual/Nonsexual" menu contains the largest number of CG of any menu. That's usually a good place to double check.
  • Nude mode does not count for completion. In other words, it's 100% optional.
  • Cum options are not optional for completion. If you choose inside every time, consider going through and getting all the outside CG. The fastest way to do this is through the replay menu in the gallery.

Some people on a piracy forum made this handy little guide! I've taken the liberty of posting it here so that you don't have to get any viruses to find a walkthrough to my game. Hope this helps! 

Please pardon the grammatical errors. I don't believe English is this pirate's first language. 

Please don't pirate indie games.
This game has a free version. Give that a go instead. 

If you're playing the game legally, thanks a ton! I've got more games on the way for people like you!
If you want an early peek at what I'm working on or would just like to show some support, check out my Patreon. That's where I post development logs and betas.