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Just noticed that it was on Steam. Thanks devs!

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you can't

How do you export your save from 0.16.1 to 0.18.2?

Too bad people wouldn't know that there was a file like this in the game. You should put it in the steam DLC package or something.

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Bro, I fucking love this game man!! It's kinda bittersweet on the ending though, but nevertheless I loved the game!! 10/10 would play it again!!

Edit:I'm actually really sad about it now, still a good game tho.

Ok, I followed you. Good luck on the games you make, I'm sure they'll be great!

I fucking love this man, it's soooo fucking cute!!! I actually wanted to see some H-actions, but this is good enough to make me reconsider. Thank you for making this game, its really fucking good. Would play it again 9/10.

Good luck, man!

Good shit bro!

Try to play it on Steam, maybe that will fix your problem. It's free btw

Is there a way the download this? Because I can't enable my flash.

Nvm, I got it already, like literally a few seconds xdd

How do I get the good ending?

No problem, man. Always help a man of culture in need.

Oh no, that time the screen was pitch black and there weren't any sounds coming from it. But we I came back, it worked perfectly fine.

Yeah, but. I got it working, though this may sound stupid to some of you guys and it might not work, but all you just have to do is wait. Like yesterday, I just went to have dinner and came back up to my room to see that the game is finally running. 

I have never been so angry at a 18+ game that wouldn't work because of my low end PC. Devs, if you can read this, please. I fucking beg you guys, please fix this.

P.S. I played the latest game and it was lit.

What did you get? Did it also say that its not responding? 

I need more lewd scenes!! This game is just awesome!