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Where can I learn GameDesign?

A topic by NichtWarten created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 294 Replies: 6
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Hello everyone,

I am currently learning designing with Photoshop and already learned the most tools etc. The things i've already made:

so i just started with painting, and I already made some banners and more pictures :D so, my question is how i learn GameDesign (3D and 2D), what do I need for programs and someone have tips for me... I will be very happy if you know any tutorials for this or some documentations! :D


Nice art! You have that angle covered. Now about your question, do you mean game design specifically, or game development in general? For the former, try looking more carefully at the games you like. Try to figure out what makes them tick. Try to design your own, see what works and what doesn't. Read what other game designers wrote about their experiences with it. But most importantly, practice.

If on the other hand you mean, game development, that's a bigger question. It all depends on how much you're willing to learn -- how much programming, in particular. You can make games in many, many different ways, so you'll have to narrow it down some. What genres do you like?

uhm i actually mean game design sooo the artwork for a game like pixelart and something like this :D


So, how to make pixel art and/or art specifically for use in games? You should be able to get good advice, or at least useful pointers, on Open Game Art. Though many of the same people are here as well, so, maybe ask in the art forums right here first?

thanks I will try it in the Open Game Art Forum :D


Pixeljoint and CG Society are also good places to lurk for art techniques and guides. For Game Design, you could also checkout Gamasutra, Tigsource is another place where indie devs hang out.


Looking through my old resource collection, I also found these links:

Hope this helps!