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Pixel Interpolation

A topic by GrizzliusMaximus created Apr 17, 2020 Views: 113 Replies: 3
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Hello! I tried your demo and this game looks like it's got the potential :D. Just some feedback, I think the game is interpolating the pixels which results in a blurry look. It's nice with none pixelated games but I think it's best if Beacon keeps its pixels not interpolated. :)


Thank you for the feedback! The game actually does not do any sort of pixel interpolation -- all the art is done in exact units in multiples of powers of two, and movement is done in pixel units as well (as opposed to something like Unity does where the units are abstract). There is some visual "softening" which is the result of everything being rendered at 2x size, and maybe that's what you're seeing. I plan on experimenting with some subtle shaders in the future to mask this side effect somewhat.

Developer (1 edit)

Actually in typing this, I realize that the zoom effect does probably count as pixel interpolation. I can probably experiment with adjusting it to see if it helps the blur, or even just remove it and instead upsize the source spritesheets (since everything's drawn at exactly x2, that wouldn't be difficult). Thanks again for the feedback!


Hey, Grizzlius!

I wanted to chime back in and let you know a fix for the blurriness is now in our release branch, and should make it into the next version.

I also wanted to thank you for not only taking the time to check out Beacon, but taking the time to leave feedback. I hope you find the time to check back in every once in a while to see how the game has progressed :)