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Soundtrack on itch?

A topic by BLINXERIZER created Apr 03, 2020 Views: 192 Replies: 2
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I noticed that the soundtrack is on Steam. Can you put it on itch? You have the soundtrack for the first game on here but not on Steam oddly enough.

The reason the soundtrack for A Better Place is only on Steam right now is because itch would currently require me to make a brand new project page for it. I'd much rather have it as a DLC-style-thing like with Steam. There seems to be a sub-product system being developed ( and I'd like to wait for that to come out and see how it works, and make the decision of how to get the soundtrack here after that.

The reason ALitS has the soundtrack on Steam and itch is because it just comes free with the game.

In the mean time you can listen to the ABP soundtrack on YouTube:

I don't know if this covers your desire here, but you can set a download to only be available to people who have paid a certain amount (for example, $2 gets you the game, $4 gets you the game and the soundtrack). I don't know how that interacts with the mega-bundle though.