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A topic by 16bitnights created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 283 Replies: 2
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Hi ,

I love retro games , my partner loves Greek themes , we are indie devs so we added in this project what we love most.

As for what will player find , hopefully themselves, their mirror , flashback about their own personality and their struggles with the inner beast, a conclusion , an evolution , defeat of inner fears. We hope to concetrate more on this in the upcoming updates .

And upgrades, treasures , easter eggs, secret rooms, reflex traps, puzzle traps , psychological challenges, tension moments , adrenaline moments ,satisfaction moments and a minotaur .

Physically, you're exploring the labyrinth, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, evolving the game avatar, while the minotaur is always getting closer.

Philosophically, you're re-enacting the fight with the inner animal, through story and overcoming of psychological limits.

Inspired by the greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, but you're mainly playing your own story (bonding with the game avatar).

Game features:

- Stat upgrades (armor, light area, stamina, speed, interaction, hidden ones)

- Traps (automatic & triggered)

- Puzzles (intuition-based & psychological)

- Interaction objects - healing herbs, all-seeing eye, obstacles , minotaur lair and more

- Easter eggs

- Enemy that becomes more aggressive in time

- Semi-randomly placed enemy and level start / exit points

- Minotaur chaser AI

Unique elements :

- One enemy - invincible until the character evolves enough to face it

- The only currency for upgrades is time, time in which the beast gets closer

Thanks everyone !

Very good graphics 16bitnights ! And i like the idea too !

Thank you very much for the kind words RoyEXP