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OSClicker - An idle game inside an Operating System!

A topic by Zushi3DHero created Apr 10, 2017 Views: 227 Replies: 4
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Hello! I'm Zushi and I'm making an idle game inside an Operating System, where you being with only the idle program and you have to gather bytes to unlock other programs and fill your empty OS! Most of the development here consists of making the OS itself and making it look and feel like a real OS! I'm having a lot of fun (and a lot of work) making this and I hope people enjoy playing it as much as I'm enjoying making it. :)

Here are some GIFs to demonstrate a bit of what I have:

- Added Introduction message

- Added help window


Looks like a pretty neat idea. My only concern would be how much content can you make within the game jam's time frame?

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Thank you!

It's not gonna be a lot but it's enough to have a good time! :) I'll try to make each program as interactable as possible!


Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish the game on time for the jam! But I will still finish it and you can follow all the progress on my Twitter: :)