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A topic by SmokiB created Apr 06, 2017 Views: 272 Replies: 5
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Im making a rhythm , music based clicker. I'm not an artist so i need help with making icons. If someone wants to help me and be apart of the development please message me.

What I need:

  • Sprite of instruments(any kind of instrument) in black and white (don't have to be detailed)
  • A sprite of a CD that in a square

What i have so far:

You can message me on twitter: @SmokiBV

Hello !

I'm can make you some sprites ! ^^
But what size do you need ? Should I use your screenshot as base ? (Is it at the right dimensions ?)

Another thing, I don't think that the fade out is right with the rules of the gamejam ^^"
(Maybe I am wrong, you should ask @Kronbits about this)

Thanks for the precisions

Just make them 64x64 , I will scale them later. Thanks for the help!

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Here it is !
A guitar sprite for the instrument, a CD, and a CD in a square.
Have fun !

Thanks for the help! They look so good! :D

Glad you like them ! :)