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i am a coder, i added u in discord if ur still loking for a teammate

If someone wants to team up message me on discord: SmokiB#6402

Cool game with interesting  concept and cool graphics. The controls need a little work tho.. :D

Cool , mesmerizing  game. Love the sound and the feel of the game

unfortunately there is no sound in the game, thanks for the kind words! :D

pls contact me here , twitter or discord.

Twitter : @SmokiBV

Discord: SmokiB #6402

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sorry, but we dont need more people. The position has been already filled in

okay , good luck dude!

Are u a coder or a game designer?


Very challenging!!!

Great graphics!

Wow really interesting concept, This actually can be scaled into a fully fledged game, hope you continue with the development. It got me interested in Neural networks. Good job!

Cool concept! It reminds me of sipler version of Age of Empires.

Cool concept, I like it ;)

add me on twitter @SmokiBV

Can u follow back @SmokiBV so i can message u

How can i reach u? twitter , discord , skype?

So u can make sound effects and soundtrack for the game?

Maybe some artist wanna work together?

Good game , but you should have added a score counter.

Thanks for the help! They look so good! :D

Thanks! :D

Just make them 64x64 , I will scale them later. Thanks for the help!

Im making a rhythm , music based clicker. I'm not an artist so i need help with making icons. If someone wants to help me and be apart of the development please message me.

What I need:

  • Sprite of instruments(any kind of instrument) in black and white (don't have to be detailed)
  • A sprite of a CD that in a square

What i have so far:

You can message me on twitter: @SmokiBV

A work in progress... If someone wants to help, feel free to dm me on twitter: @SmokiBV.

not planning on making something big.

Well i really hadn't thought it through. I was thinking something to do with music maybe like music notes, something like that.

i am a programmer ,work in unity

Wondering if someone wants to collaborate... I'm a developer in Unity.