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Hi guys !

We're "Ora", a game development team composed of game design students from France. It's the first game we are making together,and we're very excited. We're all game designers but everyone of us will do a specific thing during the project that is not our speciality (since we're not artists or programmers). We have up to May 25th to do a prototype since it's a school project.

This is our first devlog, so we'll try to do our best to improve it and to find our "style".

So, we're here to present your Ayusta, an open world 2D (sidescroller) survival game. Ayusta takes place in north america, during an Ice Age. You play as a shaman, it looks like you're the last survivor here. You must protect a totem that give you powers, allowing you to use capacities from 3 animals : bear, wolf and eagle (+ your human shape).


In Ayusta, your first goal will be to end this Ice Age. You're an unique shaman, maybe the last, and it's your duty to stop this. Your power will help you, but to keep them, you must protect your totem. This totem is getting colder and colder, so you must bring wood to the fire next to it so it can get hotter. But you'll also have to gather essences to reinforce your totem, so it will be less affected by the cold. But during your exploration out of your camp, you'll encounter strange things, enemies, but you'll also have to protect yourself from the cold. You better make some good choices. Will you use wood to protect yourself from the cold, or use wood to protect your totem? If you do this incorrectly, you're doomed. Once you'll have all the essences, your totem will deliver his ultimate power to stop this Ice Age.


Here it is for the global presentation of the game. We'll be posting some news about the development and our game design process.

You can follow us on Facebook

Thanks for reading !

I really like the setting/story, and am interested what the game will look like.

Hi !

I'm happy that you like the story melerksi, hope we'll not disappoint you :)

Today I'll write about the main features of the game, most of same are already "working". We're using Unity to make the game, since it's the one we're using the most.

As I said in the first post, you'll be able to take powers from 3 animals : bear, wolf and eagle (+ your human shape).

This is the core mechanic of the game, you'll always be switching from shape to shape, because each of them are doing specific things. But before explaining these shapes, I need to talk to you about our survival mechanics.

You'll have 3 things to take into account to survive :

- Your HP

- Your heat

- Your armor

Your armor is different in each shape. When your armor is empty, you'll lose hp points when you'll take damages.

Same for the heat bar. You lose heat every second no matter what. The only way to get hotter is to craft a fire camp and stay near it.

All these things are working in the game, it was not that hard to code, but I still learned how to use things like hp bars.

Let's now talk about the different forms :

- The shaman (human) : You'll have a moderate armor, and a basic attack with small damages.

- The bear : Huge armor, but very slow, basic attacks are also very slow but with higher damages. He'll be able to stomp enemies. His resistance to the cold is the best of all the forms.

- The wolf : Medium armor, fast, weak damages with basic attacks but they are way quicker than in other shapes. He'll be able to walljump and to sprint. Resistance to the cold weaker than in bear shape.

- The eagle : Small armor, slow, he'll be able to jump really high and to plane. He'll be able to grab object to throw them at enemies while he's "flying".

Thank you for reading, I'll be there soon to talk about crafting !