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How to install to drive other than C?

A topic by Mark created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 551 Replies: 3
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I don't see any way to install the client to any place other than the default C drive location, which is not where I want to install it. When I double-click the "itchSetup.exe" file I downloaded, it just immediately installs to somewhere on the C drive, without asking where I want to install the program. That is not where I want it to be installed - isn't there some way of controlling where it installs? If not, I guess I won't be able to use it.


That's a limitation of the installer we use - the app itself installs to C: - but you can add install locations & pick where games are installed. Since the app itself is rather small (relative to games), hopefully it still works for you!

I've been worked on an alternative installer that would let you install even the app elsewhere, but it's not ready yet.

It would be really nice if you eventually allowed installation elsewhere - I know it is not large, but the thing is, this is one of many, many applications I'd like to install, a lot of which say, when I ask, "no, it automatically installs to the C drive, but it is just one small app." Each one *is* a small app, by the developers' standards (and admittedly, yours is smaller than many of those so-called 'small apps'), but together they take up a lot of room on my small SSD drive. Every developer seems to think their application is the only important one the user will be installing, but in reality I have many other apps, many of which are actually more essential to my day-to-day life than a game launcher (for games that launch fine without a launcher). I'm not intending to be rude, and apologize in advance if it sounds that way, I'm just trying to help you see my side of the issue. Thanks for your previous response - I appreciate your willingness to listen to me complain. :-)


I definitely see your side of the issue, which is why I started work on our own install system - I wasn't behind the decision of the other install system to "force" it on C :) - we're using that system because it allows installing without administrator rights, and supports self-updating. The limitation came with it unfortunately.