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About the mouse

A topic by zerocoolisgod created Mar 25, 2017 Views: 356 Replies: 7
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Is there a way to turn the system mouse cursor off. I have a sprite I'm using as a custom cursor and the default windows mouse cursor is being drawn over the top and it looks terrible


There is no way to turn off cursor. I got your problem and will think how to do it :)

Likely you will have to set a flag in RAM using 'poke'.

Propose: have the mouse icon in RAM. So everybody can customize or hide it with 'poke'.


or just sprite index, will draw cursor if the index > 0

Cleaner. I like it.

I just have sprite being drawn at the mX and mY returned from mouse(). Which works well except for the problem mentioned. But if we could customize the cursor used in editor, that would be sweet.


you can define mouse cursor sprite (foreground sprite) from LUA by calling poke(0x3FFB,index), it'll draw system cursor if index=0


done in .24