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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

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A topic by Infokub Arcade created Feb 22, 2020 Views: 124 Replies: 2
This topic was locked by Kenney Mar 23, 2020
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Hey Kenney, 

I like this software ! I'm a dev, and also a 3D creator, so while i was using this software i was missing some common feature we have in 3D softwares. I don't know if this require a post for each, tell me if you need it.

"Move" arrows don't follow the object orientation

So when your object is 45°-ish oriented, having the arrows not following it makes the placement harder.

Rotating selection don't rotate the whole selection

If i select a line of 3 objects, and rotate, it will rotate each object individually and not the whole selection like if it was one entire object.

I completely understand this choice, but i think that having a new Shortcut for making the whole selection rotation can be useful as well

No axis reminder

I think it can be cool to have an axis reminder on the object, so we know how the object will rotate, because sometimes it looks weirdo.

An example : 

  • Rotate once on X
  • Rotate once on Y
  • Rotate again on X : the behaviour looks different, but it's not, it's only because the axis changed, but it's not obvious for the user.

Collection scrolling list

I have around 20 additional collections + the integrated collections

It's a lot when you have to clicks the arrows to find the one you want. Having a scrolling list to reach directly collections could be great.

The Blender move

Sometimes i move an object and i feel stuck by the screen borders. Having an infinite slide like in Blender could be really amazing. I ask it because i was really used to this feature in Blender :D

Drag n Drop move

Sometimes after posing a lot of objects i want to continue to drag n drop things, i think having this movement option could be cool.

Thanks for reading !

Hey, could you confirm you're using Asset Forge 2.0 or later? A lot of these issues have been improved upon already.

Ooooh i see. I installed the "windows" package and that's all, i didnt checked the "preview" ones.

So i tested the preview-1b and yes, mostly everything is here ! That's neat !

So the only request staying is the Blender Move.


locked this topic