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About combat against many enemies

A topic by Luiz "Bills" created Feb 22, 2020 Views: 305 Replies: 3
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Hey folks,

@natetreme how works combat with 1 PC vs 3 NPCs?


If the npcs are able to affect the combat I do a -1 for each extra enemy.


I thought the same thing! Thanks.

I tried something a little more complicated in (making ganged-up opponents more powerful):

Nomads. Each nomad is DS 8. Add 2 to the DS for
each additional nomad in a group – four nomads (the
most that reasonably can attack a goon) would be DS
14. For every 4 damage done to a group, one nomad
drops back and the group DS gets recalculated. So the
first 4 damage done to a group of 4 nomads would result
in a group of 3 with DS 12. Nomads who fall back
recover and come back the next day at full DS.

I would do the same +2 per opponent for any base DS, so four opponents individually DS 12 would be DS 18 against a single goon.

I would do 1/2 DS in damage makes a member of the opposing team drop back, so for opponents of DS 12 you would need to inflict 6 damage in order to reduce a group of four to three and drop the DS from 18 to 16.