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Project Synthwave announcement

A topic by Prio created 11 days ago Views: 31 Replies: 2
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Project Synthwave
This is not the normal rythm game to play when you are bored on the bus or in the tube. Project Synthwave is an EXPERIENCE. In this game you experience a journey in the audio flow of your favourite vaporwave and synthwave music. You don't have to press buttons in a pattern or show your capacity in complex keyboard riffs.

Project Synthwave is how you will listen AND breath music when you want something different in your day. Grab your controller (or your keyboard) and start this wonderfull journey!

Release date: 17/02/2020

Sounds cool.

Almost done! All the features are ready!

Yesterday was implemented the "Custom Song Mode" witch allows you to load in the game your favourite music and play with a procedurally generated level based on that song.
At the beginning the game will feature some songs, but every week new songs will be added to the list.

Now the game has a settings screen allowing you to change the graphic settings of the game in a detailed mode.

It will be released also a playable web demo if you want to try the game before download it (just remember the game is free)