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[Unity] [Programmer] A person with too much time looking for a project

A topic by Inferno 1Up created Feb 06, 2020 Views: 306 Replies: 8
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I have about 3-4 years on and off experience working with Unity and C#. I would prefer if the project was an RPG, but I really don't care what kind it is (unless if it's horror). I have way too much free time, so I figured I'd spend some of it working with people.

If you're interested, add me on discord: Inferno 1Up#5790

Hi! Im Interested in working with you. you can contact me on discord: Sep333#2008

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Hi, I'm Eve and I'm currently developing a cute and relaxing game called Naporia! It's a farming/social simulator with a focus on mythological creatures being your town residents. We currently have one programmer that's able to work, and having someone to help him would be awesome! Please message me on Discord if you're interested in joining our Naporia family: MonsterGirlEve#8139

Hello Eve,

I am a Unity developer, looking for a project. Check my page with my videogames, please, and if you like it, tell me more:





hey, im only starting out with programming but with a bit of practice a patience i bet i can help you with naporia in some time if you still need programmers then, it sounds really cool and would be happy to be a part of it

what is your discord?

Inferno 1Up#5790

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Hello Inferno,

My team and I are seeking additional programmers, even if they aren't full time. We currently have one programmer who is covering all of our current priorities. However, in the near future we will be needing more coding muscle. We're currently putting a prototype/vertical slice together for when I visit GDC this year. Our game is an isometric tactical-action shooter with RPG elements, open-level style world, and a narrative altered by player choices. The game takes inspiration from titles such as STALKER and Metro (but is not intended to be a spiritual successor), and the plan is to include a form of adaptive AI that changes its behavior based on a player's past decisions. Also, we are developing this project in Unity. We are working to publish a finished game to the market and receive publisher support. Even if we don't, we aim to use our prototype (materials and the eventually released public demonstration) for crowdfunding.

Let me know if you're interested. 

-Creative Lead and Project Manager, Skull Jockey Dev Team


The team behind Fortune's Favor is looking for dedicated programmers familiar with C# and Unity.

**About Us**  We are an indie startup team that aims to develop thought provoking games with player driven decision making at their core. The programming team is lead by a veteran programmer with over two decades of experience and has worked on some of the RTS genre's classics. You would work under his direction to help us finish our minimum viable product (Q1 2020). After which funding will be achieved and salaries will be given. Until the MVP is complete, everyone, including management, are volunteering their time in exchange for equity.

**The Game**  Fortune's Favor is a 1-8 player PC game that mixes real-time and grand strategy gameplay mechanics to create a unique and diverse play experience. The game is centered around dynamic government, religious, environment based, and strategic military decisions. These include various events that need to be dealt with, as well as several ways to interact with other players and achieve victory.

**Requirements:** - 18 years of age+ - Ability to program in C#. - Experience working in the unity game engine. - Ability to iterate functional UI. - Familiarity with developing AI.

**Preferred Skills:** - Multiplayer development experience. - Experience working with inheritance and node based scriptable objects. - Working knowledge of how to use an SVN and FTP. - Familiarity with game design documents. - Working knowledge of google drive and trello. - Experience using discord.

**Contact** If you have any questions or would like to chat about the project, please feel free to message me on discord.

Game Overview:


Additional Links:
My discord: TheIronTyrant #1087
Facebook: fortunesfavgame
Twitter: @fortunesfavgame
Instagram: @fortunesfavgame

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