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Hi, how can I contact you for more info? My discord is Sep333#2008

How can I contact you?

But what is your Discord number? Mine is Sep333#2008

Invite sent.

Sorry for not specifying. Unity.

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Hello, I am currently starting a new game development studio which is going to be professional and based on making games and selling them. The revenue will be shared of course with the whole group in a fair way.  If you are a:

  • Programmer


  • Music composer
  •  Writer
  •  Game /Level designer
  •  Publisher
  • Management(1 person helping with task and group management)

And you are interested in joining the team please reply with your Discord username.

Hello! I am the leader of a group  of 8 people and we are currently looking for new people to help us so if you are a game designer, artist or developer please contact me on Discord: Sep333#2008

Hi, do you have a Discord account?

Do you have a Discord account?

Hey! do you have a Discord account?

Hi, do you have a Discord account?

Hello, how can I contact you? Do you have a discord account?

Yes I would be. What is your Discord?

Hi. Can I contact you on discord?

Hi, I can translate your game into italian. Do you have a discord? 

Hi! We are looking for programmers and game designers/level designers for this weekly game jam and future ones. Contact me on Discord if interested: Sep333#2008

Hey! For some reason it doesn't let me add you on discord. Hit me up if you still need someone: Sep333#2008

Hey! My name is Sep and I can translate your game in italian for free! If you need a translation for your game hit me up on Discord: Sep333#2008

Hi, I am creating a team of any type of artists(Pixel, 2D,  Anime Style) for game development.

For more information you can contact me on Discord Sep333#2008

Hi! Im Interested in working with you. you can contact me on discord: Sep333#2008

Hey, if you need more members I would like to collab. You can message me on Discord: Sep333#2008

Hello, I tried to message you on discord but it doesn't let me. Can I help you?

You can add me on Discord: Sep333#2008

Nice! I sent a request

The mine is a rev share project. Is it ok?


Nice.  Can I know what is your discord?

It's rev share

The art is going to be 2D. 

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I am searching a team for a simple but fun RPG 

I need these members for my team: 1-3 programmers/unity developers, 1 art maker and 1 music composer.

Feel free to reply here if interested or send a message on Discord: Sep333#2008


No sorry if you need ruby script i can't help.

Hey, I can be the scripter or the map designer! message me on discord: Sep333#2008

Thank you!

Hey. I would like if you try my game. I know it's really simple but is my first game. Thank you.

Hi, I can help. Do you have discord?

Hi, I did a lot of platformers and I can help you. Contact me on Discord Sep333#2008