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Troika Tarot Jam

A topic by boomgun gobbo created 16 days ago Views: 69
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Troika Tarot Jam is a jam to make backgrounds for Troika! that fit on one side of a tarot card.

Maybe you've seen the astronomical number of backgrounds and other fan content for it, check this out.

Why would you want to put backgrounds on a card?

1. Troika! defaults to using d6′s for everything, so random character gen usually involves backgrounds in groups of six, but sometimes getting to some multiple of six is struggle. Enter using a deck of cards.

2. You can select which backgrounds, if they are on cards, you want to include in your game without needing to make an index and/or copying them all into a whole new document.

3. You can weight the commonality of backgrounds by putting more or less of certain ones in the deck.

4. You can eliminate backgrounds as they are chosen by pulling them from the deck once drawn. No more rerolling.