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A topic by averageavacado created Mar 12, 2017 Views: 356 Replies: 4
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 photo cover image_zpsmflhdkoj.png

 photo 1998 intro_zpsnj9s3ejb.gif

 photo 1998 Jun_zpsby4pzjvi.gif


Audrey, now entering her last year of high school, swirls into a crisis as she realizes that her bitterness and contempt has prevented her from having an enjoyable childhood, and there's not much of it left to fix that. Her cynical outlook starts to change, however, when she meets Jun, a boy from Japan who just moved into her town.


Audrey: A girl filled with pent-up hatred for her peers and her surroundings.
Jun: A calm and optimistic boy who often puts others before himself, even if it sacrifices his own well-being.


100% original tiles, maps, and sprites
100% original music
Original art (including full-screen events)
Lots of flowers

-Other Info-

Gameplay is relatively quick- The goal is for it to be around 1 and a half hours, but it could potentially be longer.

Here's some links to other platforms this game is currently on!

  • Soundcloud
  • Tumblr
  • The release date is hard to determine, but I imagine it will be out in a few months. Until then, this blog should be enough to tide everyone over.

Here's some more screenshots of the game:

 photo screenshot1_zpsmhgthuay.png

 photo 1998 Mei noodle_zpsv9ubzztf.png

 photo 1998 mirror_zpsemgko9i1.gif

 photo screenshot4_zpswh4ckti2.png

Hi I like the monochrome setting. Will it be like that in-game? It fits her emotions.


Yes! All maps except two colored ones will be monochrome. You're absolutely right about it fitting her emotions- that's why I decided to color it like that in the first place.