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Who need a Linux version ?

A topic by PunxelTeam created Mar 04, 2017 Views: 403 Replies: 9
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I don't have this system on my computery, so I can't check if our game can work on this system.

However, if there is a strong demand to have this game under Linux, I will do it :)

a linux version would be nice. and a dedicated linux server. 32bit /64bit / ARM version.



+1 for Linux.

Would test.


I can't confirm for the dedicated linux server, since we are working with Unity3D... But I will try!

However the priority is to produce a linux version of the game.


+1 I would strongly recommend you to make a linux version. If it was steam you would attract mostly windows/mac users but on itch and other indie games you will most likely attract casual linux gamers :)

I can test in Ubuntu with wine wich is a program that let's you run windows programs/games but making it native would be nice and it would work better.


Linux version is out!

Thanks! SinglePlayer works perfectly.

OS: Debian 9.0 x86_64


Single player confirmed to work on Ubuntu 16.04 (x64).

Thank you!

Runs smooth on Arch Linux x86_64 4.10.7-1-ck. Great work on the game!

sadly seems to crash my system on Ubuntu 18.04