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Outpost: Glacier

If the world became a cold arid place would you still be able to survive? Outpost is a game all about surviving the cold · By Alfred Ruckle, Vilhelm Lindroos, mikael.karlsson, AndreasBT, Nemonkey, Fleijdar, Hampus Vretinger, Vincent Brandt, dannedillchips, Lovisa Pärli, Sabina Byström, Olsson

Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Alfred Ruckle created 34 days ago Views: 375 Replies: 11
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Please tell us what you would like to see in Outpost Glacier.

We have a lot in store for the future but we also want to know what you would like to see in the versions to come!

Please share your ideas with us and the community.

My GTX 1070 Ti getting 100% load.

And no saves for now?


We’re currently working on saving the game and hope to deliver it to the community ASAP. 

Having more graphics settings options would be nice. I can't really play the game since it defaults to a higher quality, and my computer can't quite handle that. Additionally, I'm just not a fan of motion blur.

I understand if this isn't a high priority right now, though.

Deleted 33 days ago

Hi MelanieFS,

Sorry to hear you are having performance issues. We are working on improving performance where we can as many of the environmental effects are quite graphics and CPU intensive. We will do our best to make the game as performant as possible and we hope you will get the chance to play it without any hickups in the future.

Also a big thank you for notifying us about motion blur. We will make sure to add an option to enable/disable it as soon as possible! We understand that it's something many players don't like. It sometimes happens that we overlook simple things like that and we greatly appreciate when you bring them to our attention.


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the game itself is going good! what i would like to see is more challenges, a storyline, history as in maybe someone tried to survive there, there is a reason i'm in that particular spot, and other mechanics, great start

I am really enjoying the graphics and idea of your game!  Just started playing it and understand it is still being worked on extensively, so I am unsure of what to add here for suggestions.  I have ran into bugs, which is to be expected.  I did find the submarine!!! That was cool!  Finding random things like that in the world is fun.  

I am hopeful that we will be able to build an actual building or bunker where maybe we can have our storage, maybe learn to grow food in a temperature controlled room or a big greenhouse.  The snowmobile is a great idea, but the energy drains fast so I just park it and walk everywhere.  Maybe a portable device or solar panels so we can charge on the go?   

I am with Marxxiez - a storyline would be great!  Maybe finding abandoned bunkers, etc. to go with the storyline would be cool, too.  There is that submarine, so that is a start of something!

Weapons - not sure if there is a plan for them, but so far we just have our tools to gather meat with from the few critters in the world.   BTW, the giant seals are awesome!  

That's all I can think of right now, but will add more as I play. 

A story mode would be great but I imagine that will be a while until all of the mechanics are ironed out.. 

Pretty solid experience so far besides for some save issues that will make me have to completely start over.. that and exploring edges of the map can be dangerous, I fell through ice  and was trapped.. it was a glitch since I could see through it like the texture was broken.. But overall this is probably my favorite game I've found on so far despite it being so early in.

Would love to have remappable keys (left hander). Also left and right directional buttons currently look only. Would like those to be move left and move right. 

+1 to have the option to disable motion blur. Worst invention in games.

Love the look of the game. Will keep an eye on it.


There should be no motion blur in the game, it's disabled by default.

A Map would be Helpful