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This is a super cool idea and it's really fun to just wander around and see all the things people have made. But the message above said the festival server would shut down later which makes sense since it probably costs money or needs mod attention to maintain it and all. So I wanted to know: Will this be returning later, like next year or something? And if so, would all the pumpkins be replaced or new worlds made? Something like that idk. Anyways thanks for looking here.

well my computer (yes is windows) can't open .rar files and ive tried file converters like winzip and whatever but it all shoves everything into one folder each time and can't run games because wrong file locations and whatever

bruhhhh this was all one person? thats crazyyy wow keep it up

hey looks like a rlly cool (ha get it?) game but is there a way to put a download as zip file besides like using a converter? because last time I tried to convert rar to zip it scrambled all the files like jumbled them all into one folder and i'm no developer and couldnt figure out where everythign goes. thanks

plz make .zip version this looks rlly fun but i cant open

yeah a .zip file would be better probably easier to access

ya i know how easy it is but ok not like i have anything important anyways

it's hilarious i mean this is great and all but just wondering is this like spyware???? i mean not that paranoid but still I'd rather not have you take my credit card number it's a lot of trouble to get it fixed by the bank or whatever.....