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Being Able to View ALL Upcoming Game Jams

A topic by Katy133 created Feb 28, 2017 Views: 248 Replies: 3
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With the growing list of game jams on Itchio, I'd like the ability to view every upcoming game jam on the Game Jams page. Currently, you can only view jams that are starting within two months. Are there any plans to accomplish this? Is there any way to view every single upcoming game jam that I'm not aware of?


There wasn't, but there is now! Thanks for the feature request. Upcoming game jams

I also added a link to the header on the main listing

Thank you so much!! :D

Your response to feedback is outstanding!

Sorry, but the new page still doesn't list game jams like July's upcoming Summer Novel Festival jam. Is there any way to include jams that start over two months from now?

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